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Lubricious architectural technology is watched -- , technology and form
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Lubricious architectural technology is watched -- , technology and form

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Green building is can of actively and environmental interaction, of intelligence, adjustable system. Accordingly, it asks to build outer material and structure, regard the sources of energy as the interface of changeover on one hand, need is collected, change natural the sources of energy, and avoid the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the sources of energy; On the other hand, outer the capacity that must have tone solar term to await, in order to eliminate, the slow down, wave motion that changes climate even, make indoor climate tends stable, and realize this one ideal, greatly must hi-tech of hang on future is being built medium apply extensively. Above all, environmental protection is energy-saving profile makings is green building place must, must undertake to having building materials and technology environmental protection, energy-saving evaluate, offer a technology improved, newer measure, those who make accord with environmental protection, energy-saving requirement. Move toward maturity increasingly as technology of technology of IT, automation, new energy resources, new material technology, in green building these hi-tech will get applying extensively: If build a structure to introduce the principle of organism likely, bury in concrete set optical fiber, can monitor component part is in what load action falls to accept strength condition often, ego rehabilitate concrete is attainable actual application. Building surface material, have breath through muti_function organization, can purify the air of building interior, drop temperature, appearance remembers alloy material to be able to be used at 100 pages window adjust or of a place with a draught of air conditioning system shut, self-adjusting sun's rays is bright, the solar battery of building surface, can provide heating and the sources of energy that illume place needs, why to no matter use,plant technology, green building always is base oneself upon at to resource managing (Reduce) , recycle (Reuse) , produce circularly (Recycle) wait for a few respects. Next, green architectural form must the benefit collection at the sources of energy, architectural is outer the boundary that will be exterior ” of “ in-house ” and “ no longer, and the interface that will become a kind to have a variety of functions stage by stage. Green architectural material and form will be diversiform, especially outer material will be height integrated, efficient muti_function, and, as the development of new and high technology, construction industry absorbs utmost ground all sorts of advanced techniques, creation can suit the mankind one kind to live more, as harmonious as nature height high-tech builds an environment.
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