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The city can destroy at will
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The city can destroy at will

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Guangzhou is a culture ancient city that having tradition of 2800 old histories, latter-day before is China is exclusive external treaty port, “the English translated term or name that Canton” regards Guangzhou as is already well-known at outside. Accordingly, the urban building of Guangzhou is in retained division of traditional mountain south wind while the structure style that absorbed Europe again, formed the city that builds group of Chinese and Western that are a delegate to add up to a wall with arcade-house and sanded face concession involving on the west to build scene.
But those who make a person distressed is, make Guangzhou construction as a “ of before a few governments modern international is metropolitan the catchword of ” , the city of Guangzhou tradition builds a style to be in ten years this is short sufferred ceaseless destruction and destroy, we can't help wanting doubt, build international metropolitan be about to be its raze to the ground in order to destroy Gu Cheng's building even cost? !

As the ceaseless and flying development of Guangzhou economy, the city builds surprise of Yi Rixin month. Reflect “ new ” and “ different ” for the key, old city is transformed is the way that the government chooses necessarily. Because our government interior lacks a city to build the expert of the respect or us to had not consulted these experts at all,knowing however is, make the old city of Guangzhou transforms will make a mistake ceaselessly in ten short years:

It is constructive destruction above all. We might as well below above 9 shopping malls are exemple, can say, below 9 shopping malls are the place that Guangzhou tradition shuts an arcade-house to be saved the most in good conditionly on the west on, can bring to Guangzhou person it seems that a few comfort! The government is right also this take delight in talking about, show with this how oneself pay attention to protection of Guangzhou old building. However, look with the author, this is the exterior article of an illusion only, be worth big express far from special express! Apparently look, the government is to stem from protection motive of arcade-house old architectural closes on the west, and be opposite actively its are exterior undertake decorating face-lifting, make its be able to in good condition save. But want carefully to know, real motive of the government is commercial motive actually, to expand the business here, have to use “ to fluctuate 9 amorous feelings ” closes on the west this sells a dot to attract consumer and businessman, collect person energy of life and wealth vital energy, made a shopping mall here so, renovate the arcade-house building all here, wait for commerce to be done, revenue income nature of the government is much. “ of true it may be said has ulterior motives ” ! Nevertheless, this kind of face-lifting just besmears in the wall outside the arcade-house lacquer of a metope colors came to an end, had changed a few windows to still have namely at most add outfit a few shoot the light, then, via rising harships is mixed of years harden oneself they, already showed their true colors gradually; And the course shoots the high temperature illuminate with long lamp, to the arcade-house exterior the destruction that brings imperceptibly influence. Want us only at ordinary times a little advertent, with respect to a variety of clues that the below 9 arcade-houses on meeting discovery are destroyed.
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