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The layer builds energy-saving design
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The layer builds energy-saving design

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Summary: Narrated a high level the building is energy-saving the relation with climate, geographical condition. The problem of the heat preservation that building the position, front is the impact that accepts sun radiate heat energy and body of wall of high-level palisade structure, adiabatic existence and will develop way henceforth.
Keyword: Structure of high-level building palisade is energy-saving and complex wall body

The high-level building of our country has history of nearly 70 years, northeast area, architectural of modern high level is born only history of two years, however the one part that any buildings in the city are urban design, program, urban design is a very complex job, our country is in the experience of this respect is not much, and administrative mechanism is still diseased, often suffer the effect of a few elements, the work is very not careful chime attune, lose control even, a lot of problems await us to solve, remain to be mixed at exploration improve, say so, today's high-level building design still lies a not quite mature phase.

High-level building bodily form is giant, be like, volume ratio is exorbitant, photograph adjacent building is mutual keep out, be illogical fully, form large area shadow region, urban person resides environmental quality to drop, downtown population expands, heavy traffic. Besides, some closer year high-level building is built to already became a common practice in certain city, the architect often is had an insatiable desire for beg greatly tall, major energy is put in pursuit to establish a range form and on use function, and often the protection of oversight zoology environment, building designs energy-saving consciousness thin, create high-energy bad news, low benefit, the influence is used all the year round, wasteful and tremendous.

So-called construction is energy-saving be building itself not only is energy-saving, and by condition of integrated environment of the city, climate, total position; The body change of the building, front; Periphery protects structural heat preservation, adiabatic property; A lot of omnibus elements such as door window quality are formed, accordingly, high-level architectural is energy-saving should take seriously for the architect above all.

1 optimizes building position and front design

High-level architectural locates the influence volume that should consider pair of city environments above all leads exorbitant very difficult contented sunshine to ask, sunshine is having tremendous radiate energy, in cold region people cherishs the warmth that sunshine brings very. According to concerning data analysis, the energy that the earth receives every year has 6 billion one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two tile, so big energy abandons regrettablly, telling earthly itself from some kind of meaning is tremendous solar energy receiver, sunshine is opposite not only of the person healthy having very big effect, energy-saving to architectural also having very important sense. Cold region town planning should pay attention to applied sunshine principle, decide building position and front reasonably, make every building can receive more sun radiate heat energy, accordingly, architectural azimuth and energy-saving having immediate concern. Be like, in north latitude 40 degrees of ~ 45 degrees of areas, the radiation energy that winter architectural faces towards earning arrives compares summer almost many times, and in summer east, the energy that arrives to earning on the west is compared south to how 2. 5 times, different front, different and seasonal, the amount of sun radiate heat energy that construction earnings reachs is different, hot loss is different also, be in especially solstitial around, because sun elevation angle is low, the area ratio summer of the sun light that room place receives is gotten more much. Should consider environmental case above all when affirmatory architectural azimuth, make day affect a figure by its sun elevation angle, in order to decide winter everyday sunshine time, area of the Xiang Kaichuang austral the building as far as possible somes big, below contented daylighting condition, north to, east to the window as far as possible somes small, obtain more sun lights thereby, reduce hot loss, maintain indoor and easy temperature environment.
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