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Capital city builds culture to read
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Capital city builds culture to read

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: As the capital, beijing makes a vivid sample, the container ” of the endless, all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart “ culture that a your person reads. It is in not only of system culture model below, and in the conflict in all sorts of different culture and tension, formed today's appearance and moral character. The article is with Beijing exemple, talk about connotation of urban architectural culture slightly.

The fifties, the outstanding success that Beijing builds basically is reflected in Tiananmen Square, the construction of Chang'an Street and sex of a batch of marks are communal on the building. 10 lis grow a market, the urban square with the greatest whole world, 10 a lunar month of 30 days build the “ such as art gallery of museum of museum of history of revolution of people congress hall, China, the Cultural Palace of the Nationalities, military affairs, China ” , formed with grand, majestic, gallant, grandiose, open the visual figure that waits for the new national capital that is a feature, liberate in order to place, the affection of and so on of new student, sense of pride. In the history such as a tower over a city gate of Nanhai, Tian An Men builds culture idea accumulate changeover, outstanding reflected new system culture to be mixed to the have the aid of of traditional authority reframe. Inside very long time, in people memory they already were architecture of a history no longer, and the indicative symbol that becomes the Party Central Committee, Chairman Mao, if the sun on “ Tian An Men rises the lamplight ” and so on of the Nanhai in ” , “ ,speech place sends the meaning of contain.

The form of “ nation, formula of this one culture is in content ” of socialism on architecture reflect, it is “ economy, practical, the principle of beautiful ” is gone after below probable condition. The public construction of style of a batch of nations, reflected at that time the building concept of the mainstream, its model takes “ for 3 lis of rivers 4 a little while the building of big house top of ” glazed tile. It suffers very quickly check and because “ wastes ” instead,critically ━ is above all, rise next for political problem ━ but this one inchoate attempt is arteries and veins of new China architectural article to write down important brushstroke after all. The builds practice and period of Nanjing the Republic of China new structure of this one period can say those who have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is fine. Look now, in those days the figure of new Beijing is modelled, capital architectural “ is baronial and narrative ” substantially is a success, the spiritual outlook that shows person of that one times, that generation fully, bearing and the aesthetic pursuit that have clear concept, and the city is controlled (program) ability.
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