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The Cheng that Guangzhou new city building builds bites gold " 3 broad ax "
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The Cheng that Guangzhou new city building builds bites gold " 3 broad ax "

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Guangzhou one side demolishs old city, build new wall at the same time, those who be is the style that reflects “ internationalization metropolitan ” . But old city was torn open, cut off oneself history is traditional, because do not have the structure style that has summed up oneself well at all before, then the construction of new city is behaved a priori is insufficiently, acquired and maladjusted, lost way. How to do? Do not have method, can of Copy others, copy means “ likeness ” and “ are tired with ” , then, “ hasten absorb”Began!
Look to be the building of Guangzhou new city of the representing with the Milky way, the “ that the alleged modern building of the Milky way reflected Cheng adequately to bite gold ” of 3 broad ax:

It is the wall outside the building height of beautiful type and glass above all. Well-known, urban building of the United States is with ” of “ skyscraping edifice celebrated, wait a moment like Caesarean edifice, world trade edifice. And our Guangzhou is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, 80 time have the century on “63 layer ” , 90 time have ” of the letter in “ , 21 centuries still have ” of “ Gemini tower. These are the high-rise of ” of mark of ground of Guangzhou of “ of call it by a good name of, it may be said is in “ taller, faster, stronger ” fluctuated one time hard work, hind both bad still to say, but it is “ absolutely taller ” , greatly one column props up the situation of the day! And without an other place, these high-rise are make with the wall outside glass pack, divide this beyond, still having the building such as city of computer of grown like city mansion, the Milky way is make with the wall outside glass those who pack. It seems that besides the wall outside glass, do not have anything else to be able to reflect modernization! And the wall outside this kind of glass, countrywide each district is being used, hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing waits a city a moment, who is being used? !

The dome stone column that is Ou Shi next adds square. The city often is called ” of desert of forest of “ stone excrement, culture. Guangzhou nature does not want to make a person such appellation, be in so outside the height of beautiful type construction of full city and glass beyond the wall, still get the European study that has historical culture tradition very much to us, in order to enhance oneself culture temperament. Then stone column of many Europe type dome is like appeared like emerge, be in in Pearl River new city those who build bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition is reflected namely. Actually Ou Shijian builds us to have originally, forgot those old buildings in sanded face concession? Type of flower type, heart of French, elder brother, baaroque have everything that one expects to find. Not good original protection, learn a family afresh, the logic of where is this? ! Extortionary blind imitation with ludicrous effection, just add last dome on the building that is not Europe type style originally or be stone column of what, are some disgusting? ! But besides Guangzhou, the city of countrywide each district is being done same a thing, dome stone column still is disrelished insufficient, come to an Europe easily even type square, with the environment all round all the more “ coordinates ” , let a person as if went to Europe travelling, if can go to Europe freely travelling really, who does not think!
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