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The primitive religion culture of mediaeval century reachs Russia its are sacred
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The primitive religion culture of mediaeval century reachs Russia its are sacred building

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Russia culture is inchoative at before base complementary period Dong Sila's husband is departmental falling distinctive culture. Si Lafu nation is one of Europe's oldest peoples, also be the main people of Russia. And its go-between number is maximum is Mrs. Dong Sila. The believe in of religious belief —— that they are having him tradition is polytheistic, be like Baal, forest god, water god, thor, aeolus, cultivate god. Be in base complementary Ross is earlier, polytheistic once was state religion.

Original Mrs. Dong Sila comes without special temple sacred oneself deities. Came after wooden church building. Base great fair magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune pulls complementary Ross Jimier to consolidate oneself political power, facilitate regnant Mrs. Dong Sila, be in designedly base polytheistic pantheon was erected inside complementary city. Pantheon is Gu Luosi the wooden building with polytheistic the earliest period. There are a lot of woodcarvings inside shrine, wood resembles waiting. Gu Luosi had had rich wood to build a tradition in polytheistic period.

The tectonic method of Russia wood building is, use log level fold main wall, in the corner, log bites tenon each other. Keep clear of to facilitate firn, housetop gradient is very steep. House of this kind of log is coarse, but warmth retention properties is good. As a result of the limitation of structural technology and material, interior space is underdeveloped, so, older building needs to be combined with a few cabin, bodily form because this is quite complex. Two building, lower level serves as storehouse, corral to wait, superstratum lives person. To occupy interior space less, stair sets outdoors, adopt labyrinthian platform, contact each component.

Complex assembly form, deft outdoors stair and platform, course artisan division people elaborate arrangement, lively and kind. The place such as rail of casement, pediment board, porch is adorning carve patterns or designs on woodwork, leaving trenchant axe mark, catch bright color. Reflecting the Russian's enthusiastic nature.

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