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Beijing Christian cathedral is built
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Beijing Christian cathedral is built

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Summary: Built 1922 south river edge Beijing assist with bethel (Peking Union Chruch) with planning extend 1928 when, by the Er in plum of American new York one go smoothly is Boer one peaceful straps architect office (Merrill, humble&Taylor Architcts) design, for two main buildings, there is couplet corridor among, cathedral is 2, set belfry. But build only finally among them monolayer one, simplify greatly, of similar Beijing civilian curtilage. This gives Christ to teach this century the one's lot that 20 time are in Beijing from another flank report.

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Press century convention, “ Christian ” is a general designation of each denomination of Immanuel to act according to Jesus Christ. Christian (Christianity) include Catholic (The Western Church, also say “ is fair religion Rome of ” , “ is fair religion ” , “ is old teach ” ) , the Othodox Eastern Church (The Orthodox Eastern Chruch, also call “ orthodoxy ” ) , Protestantism (Protestantism, also say “ Protestantism ” , “ corrects teach ” ) and a few otherer lesser denomination. Often point to Protestantism with sheet of “ Christian ” in China. Christian ” of the “ in the article indicates convention of abide by world, for a general designation.

Since Tang Chao, christian ever was entered 4 times China, christian church building also is built in China proper place is taken in the history.

” of Nestorianism of Tang Chu “ passes China from Persia, enter for Christian first time China, its do missionary work used the appearance of power of Buddha at first, right now Nestorianism cathedral also took name of Buddha temple architectural and form. Yuan the “ of face also Likewen teachs ” to be put the 2nd times for christian China, make China appeared hall of the earliest the Othodox Eastern Church and All Souls'Day cathedral, but they basically adopted architectural of Chinese ancient time model make.

The christian at the beginning of Ming Moqing is entered the 3rd times China, those who brought about western building to be in Macao is large-scale appeared “ is big 3 cling to ” cathedral (1638) build. Bright 10 thousand all previous 29 years (1601) , antrum of Italian benefit Ma (word Xi Tai, atthieu Ricci, 1552-1610) enter capital, emperor of 10 thousand all previous allows his to leave house Beijing. 1605, benefit Ma antrum builds “ bethel ” in abode of announce fierce door. Although Macao “ is big 3 cling to ” cathedral behaved 12-15 century France feature of church of elder brother spy, ” of bethel of “ of Dan Xuanwu door because be located in Beijing,still took Chinese traditional form, and continue to use more than 100 years, the ability after till was weighed 1712,be being repaired is ” of “ foreign wind easily (western style) .
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