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Science and technology sends a building
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Science and technology sends a building

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Summary: Open the unifinication that brought world economy with communication, also brought more to build the development of the application of new technology and new design. These buildings that give priority to with new material, new idea, new design already swept across the whole world, high skill clique sees with the new technology, desire that behaves wright in function, formally long, become contemporary architect gradually people main skill law, the generation that the article sends in the light of high skill, development undertakes an analysis, to high skill clique the building undertakes pre-test

Keyword: High skill sends pattern of diversity of system of freeboard ability future


Since the design arises, when people is not had, do not engrave exploring new design, but in these processes, the behavior of only small number of people or achievement become “ genre ” . Because they realized development direction of the society made the exploration that complies with historical tide above all, such, their achievement just is accepted by people, be admitted by the history. Say so, the design is the child of the times. Coetaneous design and building, painterly, music, even annulus annulus photograph buckles the person's lifestyle, new idea no matter the respect begins a breakthrough from which, represent prospective thoughts and development way. Designing pioneer should be thought pioneer above all.

Close this ever had said: “ realized its true mission when the technology, it is art with respect to sublimate. ” this paragraph of logion is it seems that be equal the technology at art. Actually, should say, what what reveal here is another when build art new school, one builds the artistic school on high-tech foundation.

Building medium hi-tech basically is the technical form that sends what the modal show that attends as a kind of common sense comes out to be able to be inspected from ability of finger height of thoughts angle meaning. High skill clique is to point to, since 60 time end, use hi-tech method not only, and the structure that behaves hi-tech to the utmost in formally, material, equipment, craft and build disassemble or expand the building of the aesthetic feeling such as the likelihood sets 糆 trend.

The diffuses at whole west society technology optimism that high skill clique brings in the occurrence of 60 time end and this revolution is concerned, at the same time afterwar all sorts of new material and new structure apply in the building in succession.

What partial person thinks “ high skill sends ” to just display a skill blindly is great, think the technology is sovereign, people begins to connect this outstanding thinking of to face up to science and technology presumably, some halfback stylist begin even critically the blind and upbeat mood to science and technology. Then, ability of freeboard of so called “ designs ” emerge as the times require, ” of “ freeboard ability is the dissimilation content with contrary ” of clique of as high as “ skill, regard the technology as a kind of symbol tries mock and satiric. The “ of London alone the backbone element Long Ala of system group ” designed ” of acoustics of concrete of a “ to be in device of electric equipment of contemporary high fidelity 1980 especially collect the coagulation clod that come to go up from deserted building site, come with decadent form sarcastic to hi-tech idolatrous. The technical pessimism thought of ” of “ freeboard ability was destined it is short-lived. Its work and life are apart from too far, but the work that its meaning does not depend on it, and the spirit that depends on it rings alarm bell noisy for the people of implicit science and technology.
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