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The building of Russia is artistic
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The building of Russia is artistic

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: About Russia the Othodox Eastern Church and too numerous to mention one by one of Russia architectural booklist. Among them of Mr Le Feng " the Othodox Eastern Church history " it is former compare model and outstanding masterpiece; And the interpret that Chen Zhihua of professor of college of Tsinghua university building teachs is made " Russia is built history " , ought to be one of composing about authority is being compared in latter document. What Ren Guangxuan of Beijing University professor writes " Russia is artistic history " also have to the building of Russia discuss technically. And the book that contact religious culture and building photograph and has this kind of connection study has not discover. The original intention of the article depends on: The religious culture tradition of Russia and building art tradition are very outstanding, gains success also is tremendous; And the connection between tradition of these two kinds of culture is so remarkable and intense, each person that admires Russia culture skill should be not ignored, ought to experience it more clearly however with body and mind. We emphasize contacting when seeing a problem, same academic applicable Yueluosi's religion and building. The key of the article is the development that introduces building art, and the powerful impetus that dynamical element of religion is regarded to build development, the cathedral of sacred building —— that serves for religion, itself is a strong evidence.

The building art of Russia is great, it is having color of inherent of primitive simplicity, fall in the influence of continuous religious culture power at the same time, had the strong quality that serves for religion. The article is in brief while the building history that tells about Russia develops, emphasize the mainstream in treating a building to build ——Religious building, namely the main and artistic orientaton of “ cathedral ” , historical feature and development trend, strive reflects the profundity of the influence that builds artistic place to get religion. In light of the position that regards mediaeval Russia as state religion from the Othodox Eastern Church among them, its effect has special sense undoubtedly, answer to be narrated before rehash. Of course, in exemple lift while, unavoidable the professional term that involves building aspect. The article lifts his probably characteristic, avoid as dry as a chip enumerate as far as possible, accomplish have advocate have second. To building the picture of main body the likelihood is not comprehensive, but meet however ground of do one's best highlights a center.

The building is a of artistic culture main component. Because distinguished historian soup is compared in its monumental work " the history studies " in, differentiate world culture for 21 civilized units, among them Russia culture is called ” of “ Russia the Othodox Eastern Church, this behaved religion very outstandingly especially the Othodox Eastern Church is artistic to Russia culture the strong influence of the domain.
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