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Lubricious architectural the sources of energy is watched
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Lubricious architectural the sources of energy is watched

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Modern building is a kind of building that depends on limited energy resources overly. The sources of energy uses the building of artificial illume and mechanical air conditioning to mean life in great quantities to those, and high-energy bad news, inefficient building, it is the main factor that causes tension of the sources of energy not only, the becomes production air pollution prime criminal that and be makes. According to statistic, the 50 % of global energy is used up be built at architectural and use a process. Be opposite to decrease cannot of renewable resources use up, green builds a view to adjust or change active design idea and way, make the building is changed to direction of feebleminded bad news by means of high-energy bad news, rely on energy-saving technology, raise the sources of energy to use new the sources of energy of efficiency and development, depend on overly what make the building casts off pair of traditional the sources of energy stage by stage, realize the autarky that the sources of energy on certain level uses. Japan considers to reach about the scholar: In the environment that the environment concerns with bldg. in overall pollution pollution occupies scale to be 34 % , include air pollution, smooth pollution, electromagnetism pollution to wait. And zoology environmental protection is green architectural is gone after. Accordingly, green building design must arrive deep in whole structure lifecycle make an on-the-spot investigation, evaluate state of building specific power consumption to reach its the influence to the environment, establish concept of comprehensive the sources of energy. Must pay attention to development above all, optimize insulation material and construction, raise a building to heat up environmental performance. If be in the surface of inside and outside of the building or outer in air layer of the structure, use efficient hot emissive data, can go back reflex of major infra-red ray, have effect of heat preservation heat insolation to the building thereby. Current, the United States already began mass production to heat up reflection film, basically use at the building energy-saving. In addition, still can use efficient and energy-saving glass, ——— of silicon gas gel is new-style and energy-saving wall material, in order to improve energy-saving efficiency; Next, the sources of energy of development second birth (be like solar energy, nuclear energy, wind- driven, hydraulic) collect, store device and heat reclaim device. Solar energy is one kind the richest, convenient, the green the sources of energy of free from contamination, the province city such as the Tianjin that is in our country in recent years, Beijing, Gansu Province, Heibei built house of type of constant temperature of solar energy of 17 passive type, collect for solar energy with building itself implement, achieve the goal that refrigeration warms oneself inside house thereby.
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