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Governmental official, enterprise or business unit staff member is energy-saving
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Governmental official, enterprise or business unit staff member is energy-saving behavior guideline

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Temperature of air conditioning of ★ summer office building is installed at 27-28 Celsius, good window closes when use air conditioning, office air conditioning, fan is shut after coming off work

★ computer lead plane, monitor, printer, water the office equipment such as machine of machine, copycat, shredded paper decreases need functional waste time, power source is shut when be not being used for long

★ conveniently blacks out, put an end to daytime lamp, long bright lamp

★ decreases use one-time writing material, face of paper positive and negative is printed, begin turn office without paper
Purchase energy-saving product and equipment

Orgnaization of our country government (include the public sector such as national defence and education) 5% what energy consumption occupies countrywide the sources of energy to consume gross about, governmental orgnaization is annual only energy cost exceeds 80 billion yuan, very large proportion is had in government spending. Calculate via concerning a section, orgnaization of our country government is energy-saving latent capacity is 15%-20% , governmental orgnaization is energy-saving can reduce public government spending not only, and the promotion application that can drive energy-saving new technology, new facility, new material effectively. Governmental orgnaization takes the lead in hanging down model do good oneself energy-saving job, will be countrywide resource the development of managing activity begins play example action in the round.

The condition of the sources of energy that meets our country adequately and energy-saving the important sense that can develop continuously to promoting national economy and society, enhance resource hardship consciousness, advocate struggle difficultly, economize, managing glory, waste is disgraceful, it is important to use water of energy-saving, section, resource use water of energy-saving, section, resource a when build as governmental orgnaization oneself circularly content, perserve, often catch indefatigable.

To the energy-saving latent capacity of governmental orgnaization oneself, include equipment of building, illume, heating, refrigeration, office, car to wait with can establishment, equipment and product have full-scale investigation, understand a situation, enact practical energy-saving target and measure, strengthen management, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency.

The government is purchased in preferential the energy-saving equipment that buys classics country attestation or product, take the lead in washing out the feebleminded effect equipment of taboo of national explicit order and product entirely.
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