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The family is decorated call green
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The family is decorated call green

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Focusing green home is installed

Nowadays, more and more citizens whether a when green regards a choose and buy as commodity important level, carry build up to install however, can say, the bedroom that how understands oneself has pollution, how does ability accomplish “ green home to install ” , still still be the problem that numerous consumer cares.

Authoritative orgnaization

Green building materials still does not have a standard

Lab of residence of academy of Chinese building technology is the authoritative orgnaization of respect of domestic house research, director Lin is accepting this institute lab when the reporter is interviewed, say, “ green home assembles this concept, give it very hard still next final conclusion at present. Building an outfit is project of a system actually, it involves a lot of aspects, each respect such as quality of sound, smooth, report, hot, air with it closely related, and each respect is in charge of by particular industry, branch, so with what standard does green come judge? Only with respect to housing materials character, involve a few trades, be like coating, cross chemical industry and building materials two industries, stone material involves geological trade again. Accordingly, still can give “ of outfit of ” green home next definition without particular authoritative branch at present, also do not have an orgnaization to be able to have certificate of quality to it. ”

The personage inside course of study thinks, although at present green home outfit is carried out truly,rise to still have not little difficulty, but ” of outfit of “ green home should not be a concept only, everybody should pay close attention to, want to try hard toward this direction.

Traditional Chinese clothes assist

Reduce pollution to should grab from manufacturing manufacturer

Family of association of Chinese building adornment decorates committee bell secretary-general to think, our country decorates the environmental protection concept of material to just put forward, the market is very non-standard still. At present of extremely urgent is to should appeal the government publishs a building to decorate the environmental protection level of material as soon as possible, as soon as possible normative building decorates data market. She thinks, reduce pollution to should grab from manufacturing manufacturer. Various indoor environments also appeared to detect on market of ” of outfit of home of green of “ of eye premise initiate orgnaization, but she reminds, common people is done detect should discreet, want to clear up check mark to allow to come from where, detect whether does the orgnaization receive national authorization, detect whether does the result have legal effectiveness. Bell secretary-general is informed, at present the country has not published unified check mark to allow to this, supervisory bureau of national quality technology and construction ministry also do not have accredit any orgnaizations are measured to indoor empty temperament undertake detecting. So, these detect on the market the orgnaization detects the result that come out can serve as reference only, and cannot regard law as the basis.
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