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New compost technology is urban mud " find out a road "
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New compost technology is urban mud " find out a road "

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Xinhua net Beijing on November 2 report (reporter Zou Wei) current, sewage treatment plant of our country city is built in great quantities, dimensions changes cultivate birds aquaculture to develop quickly, produce number every year with 10 thousand tons plan the organic contaminant such as excrement and urine of birds of urban mud, cultivate, this constituted tremendous menace to the environment. New development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences goes a kind of advanced automation technology of fast compost whole set, found very good outlet to dispose urban sludge.
This kind of new technology calls “ CTB automatic
Control ” of fast compost and technology of whole set of high grade and special fat production, by geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences the unit such as institute of science and resource is developed.

Science of geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the person that occupy the main development of this technology and Chen Tongbin of director of research center of rehabilitate of resource institute environment introduce, the biggest characteristic of this kind of technology depends on: Handled rubbish of excrement and urine of birds of urban mud, cultivate, life to wait already, avoid secondly second pollution; Reduced the manufacturing cost of high grade and special fertilizer again, the production that is commissariat, vegetable, lawn, flowers offerred very good source of manure, and price of produces special fat product is low, organic qualitative content is high, can promote the effect earthing up fertilizer of land effectively.

Chen Tongbin says, consider to tackle key problem with science and technology through 10 old with great concentration, had ground around technology of this one compost give out system of compost of one a complete set of, the long-range real time that can realize pair of compost processes is controlled, the operation is handy, can realize unmanned value to defend even, and the problem such as breed of fly of percolation filtration fluid, effluvial, midge can produce in order to prevent processing in the process, make finally the litter such as urban mud is achieved harmless change, stability is changed, the effect such as dehydration, deodorization.

Additional as we have learned, this one new technology has been thrown in and other places of Shandong, Henan, Tianjin use, to solving the mud outlet problem that restricts our country sewage treatment plant to move normally, will rise to urge action importantly undoubtedly.

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