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A company uses England fuel of organisms of chocolate scrap production
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A company uses England fuel of organisms of chocolate scrap production

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: China net Beijing on November 8 special telegram England research and development gives a company recently a new manufacturing program, the waste material that produces when production chocolate change becomes biology fuel.
Occupy Reuter to reported recently, company of c of e of t of E c o produces chocolate the flotsam in the process to be changed into alcohol, mix with vegetable oil next rise production biology derv. By the lorry of the biology fuel drive of such production this month later on will from England Nanhai bank
General Er city sets out, destination is Ma Li of West Africa country, have beneficent stay away from home.
Division of Andy · handkerchief says the organizer of this second activity: “ produces the flotsam of chocolate to was used at waste residue to write the ground in the past. But we can let its change become biology fuel now. ”
Handkerchief division says, the car that uses this kind of fuel discharges the gas that give to won't have the taste of chocolate.
To make biology fuel, people often can produce the farm replant that plants grain crop originally with a future life the other crop of fuel alcohol, or forest of large area finish, and use chocolate flotsam to produce biology fuel to won't cause this kind of consequence.

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