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Overview: Polybag whole world gradually " disfavor "
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Overview: Polybag whole world gradually " disfavor "

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Data picture: “ uses propaganda of theme of environmental protection of ” of a polybag less to be held inside a supermarket.

Xinhua net Beijing on November 21 report (reporter Pan Zhi) before long, whole world of small polybag fashionable. Although it is not the content of vogue, but use because it is convenient easily, the price is low, consequently almost nowhere is absent. Nevertheless in recent years as popular feeling of development of environmental protection concept, people begins to examine the environmental protection issue that polybag brings afresh, polybag in the whole world many countries are mixed area gradually “ disfavor ” .

This year on March 27, city parliament passed American san Francisco to prohibit the shopkeeper such as supermarket, drugstore uses chemical polybag proposed law. This act sets, the shopkeeper such as supermarket and drugstore can offer paper bag, hop-pocket to the client only or produce for raw material with corn by-product but biology degradation polybag, chemical polybag is prohibited strictly. And the city waits in los angeles, the government also begins to initiate polybag to reclaim activity, arouse people is used less or need not polybag, put has used polybag reclaim technically bucket.

On April 2, husband of benefit of Canadian small town pulls Pi Ci to also begin to carry out ban with plastic the regulation of shopping bag, become first town of Canadian that publishs this kind of ban thereby. And before this, a few places of the country such as Australia, Brazil already also came on stage to ban with plastic shopping bag or must paid use provision.

Ban the trend that uses polybag, appear in Africa likewise. Tanzania announced 30 micron goes to taboo last year the polybag with 65 thick micron. Rwanda begins to be in with respect to taboo and entrance ply from 2005 the polybag under 100 micron. Kenya government has begun to impose the consumption tax of 120 % to polybag, plan to raise polybag price 660 % since next year. Uganda also stands the law that uses polybag at beginning to carry out since July 1 this year.

In the Asia, people begins to be used to gradually be far from polybag. For example, singapore began to conduct activity of ” of day of shopping bag of “ provide for oneself in April from this year, whenever on Wednesday, 206 supermarkets of Singapore whole nation can encourage consumer to use polybag less with be not mandatory means. And Korea, Japan enacted a series of measure early also, encourage businessman and consumer to use the paper bag that can reclaim to wait more, reduce the use of polybag as far as possible.
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