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Italy: Donkey replaces truck transport rubbish already be economical environment
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Italy: Donkey replaces truck transport rubbish already be economical environmental protection

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Xinhua net Beijing small town of the island in Italian cc blocked special telegram on October 31 Siteerbonuo replaces a lorry to carry rubbish with donkey, already be economical is whole world of keep within limits again calefacient made contribution.

Occupy Afp 30 days to report, small town has 10 thousand dwellers, from this year 6 donkey replaced reinstate in Feburary 4 original rubbish carriage lorries carry rubbish, these donkey already were heretofore small town carried nearly 140 tons of rubbish, the environmental sanitation worker that is in charge of driving donkey carry rubbish is changed to say “ zoology protects operator ” accordingly.

Small town alcalde is in small town website is worthwhile such brushstroke Zhang: Price of a donkey makes an appointment with 1200 euro, the expenditure such as feed makes an appointment with 2000 euro every year; And price of carriage lorry of a rubbish makes an appointment with 30 thousand euro, maintain upkeep is every year 7000 to 8000 euro.

His summary says, with donkey carry rubbish already “ saved fund, (because reduce pollution) make the world more good ” .

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