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Achieve condition of compression ring of headroom of Olympic Games clean inferio
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Achieve condition of compression ring of headroom of Olympic Games clean inferior start air to rent the strategy

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Xinhua net Beijing on November 2 special telegram (reporter Zhan is spruce spruce) as 2008 the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, market business chance is not being disconnected to dig by the businessman. On November 1, the product of brand of “ green restaurant that sponsors in Chinese restaurant association purchases communication on meeting ” , air of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games adds Shi Jing to change Beijing of sole supplier —— inferior assistant of president of joint-stock company of science and technology of indoor environmental protection holds Chen Dajiang of director of office of Olympic Games project concurrently to express, yadouke ability will rent mode ” through “ air, cut market of ” of “ green restaurant, to build Beijing Olympic Games clean air environment contributes the force of science and technology that he gathers.
Found 1987 inferior science and technology, will 20 years assuming the science and technology related domain of many state environment to tackle key problem all the time project. In May 2006, inferior win out in intense competition, become the sole supplier of equipment of quality of the first air.

Occupy Chen Dajiang to predict, by the Olympic Games exciting “ air rents ” market accumulate the business chance that contained 100 million yuan about a hundred, and ability also will borrow Yadouke march the opportunity of ” of “ green restaurant, begin to start its “ air to rent the strategic program of ” in the round.

Alleged “ air rents ” , it is ability serves as Yadouke rental square, use tenant of lend-lease of air purifying device inside certain period, tenant presses bilateral agreement, pay the commerce of manufacturer charge mode. The manufacturer can be combined according to different service, the rise in value that offers ” of “ baby-sitter type for the client serves.

Chen Dajiang expresses, hotel industry will be Yadouke ability carries out this one brand-new the first station of business affairs mode.

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