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House of Olympic Games fencing is energy-saving environmental protection is clev
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House of Olympic Games fencing is energy-saving environmental protection is clever reclaim rainwater irrigates greenbelt

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: The fencing house that is located in national conference center is Olympic Games fencing, contemporary 5 fencing is amiable the formal match field of the handgun, be in incomplete holds wheelchair fencing and hard ground ball during abstruse meeting the match.

During Beijing Olympic Games, it is mixed even center of international broadcasting television (IBC) , advocate news center (MPC) is become neighbour. People laughingstock, fencing house may ” of “ benefit from association with sb or sth, become a journalist most centralized place. Because “ is to face construction to apply, we are mature the function of national conference center. ” introduces according to relevant controller, after contest, fencing house field will transform the old hall that can hold 6000 people.

After contest, national conference center will greet each Bin Peng. The ground that the crowd collects, be sure to bring tremendous specific power consumption. How ability is more energy-saving, let green Olympic Games continue in place?

Design personnel thought of this early, after the Olympic Games, national conference center open up under the ground 7 meters sink garden, make local temperature under normal room temperature. Set scuttle in conference center coping at the same time, use difference in temperature to form natural convection. When change garments according to the season, although national conference center does not open air conditioning to also can let a person feel comfortable, it is this garden, can be report of conference center part every year 380 thousand degrees.

But want to cure a such gardens, every time waters not to know to want to spend how many money again. “ you are at ease, we had looked for ’ of ‘ a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord early to garden water supply. ” designs personnel to point to housetop. Look up to look, look from the front, housetop go up slightly quadrilateral become warped, eave of seem China traditional architectural, lower part forms up the arc since arch, arch bridge of be similar in shape. Design personnel explains, such design not only the shell is beautiful, still can let more rainwater reclaim recycle. Through clever design, the area amounts to the whole roofing of 60 thousand square metre to make the superexcellent tool that rainwater reclaims. The water in the rainwater course that collects through roofing reclaims use central processing, become irrigate greenbelt uses water. According to Beijing normal rainfall is calculated, rainfall can satisfy the requirement that circumjacent greenbelt irrigates.
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