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The country builds award of project Lu Ban (the country actors or actress) selec
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The country builds award of project Lu Ban (the country actors or actress) selection method

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The first to carry out " a project of vital and lasting importance, quality the guiding principle of the first " , ascertain a state " quality revitalizes compendium " and " regulation of construction project quality " , company of stimulative building construction strengthens quality management, drive what our country builds project quality standard to rise, the decision is begun in entire industry found a country high grade project chooses an activity, award name builds award of project Lu Ban for China surely (the country is high grade project) (call Lu Ban award below) .
The highest and honorary award that award of the 2nd rash class is quality of project of industry of our country construction. The selection object of rash class award builds construction company to contract in our country churchyard for our country, had built and throw use of all kinds project, cent of unit of bear the palm is given priority to should bear build unit and main ginseng to build an unit. The selection job of Lu Ban award is carried out by organization of Chinese bldg. institute.
Project of award of the 3rd Lu Ban builds construction company to be declared of one's own accord by our country, concern a section via association of bldg. of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and the State Council (head office) construction association is preferred after recommending, undertake selection, quality should reach domestic top-ranking level.
Award of the 4th rash class is chosen every year, amount of project of bear the palm is 80. The category of project of bear the palm (see accessory 1) in principle masters by undermentioned scale: 45% what public construction project holds sum total of bear the palm; Industry, traffic, water conservancy project occupies 35 % ; Residential project occupies 12 % ; Project of municipal, gardens occupies 8 % .
The 2nd chapter chooses project scope
The 5th chooses the project of rash class award, must be to accord with infrastructure program, already built go into operation or use build a project. Basically include:
(one) industry builds a project (include earth to build install with equipment) . Project scope should accord with accessory the regulation of 2.
(2) traffic project. Project scope should accord with accessory the regulation of 3.
(3) water conservancy project. Project scope is in for library capacity above of 100 million stere (contain) the main body project of reservoir.
(4) public construction and project of municipal, gardens. Project scope should accord with accessory the regulation of 4.
(5) residential project (include residential village and high-level house) . Project scope should accord with following requirement: L. Floor area above of 50 thousand square metre (contain) residential village or residential village form a delegation;
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