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Curtilage special maintenance capital runs way
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Curtilage special maintenance capital runs way

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People's Republic of China builds Ministry of finance of ministry People's Republic of China to make the 165th

" special maintenance capital runs the house method " had built a department the 142nd times on October 30, 2007 standing conference discusses through, classics treasury department is signed jointly, grant to release now, apply since Feburary 1, 2008.

Build ministry minister Wang Guangdao
Minister of Ministry of finance thanks brilliance of the rising sun person
Two years on December 4

Special maintenance capital runs the house method

General principles of the first chapter

The first to strengthen the management of capital of special to the residence maintenance, safeguard residence is common place, common maintain and use of facilities facilities normally, maintain the residence the legitimate rights and interests with special maintenance possessory capital, basis " matter right law " , " property regulation " wait for law, administrative regulations, make this way.

Public housing residence is special after house of the 2nd commodity, carry out the deposit that maintains capital, use, manage and supervise, applicable this method.

This method place calls the residence special maintenance capital, it is to point to special use at the residence common place, common facilities facilities guarantees the maintenance after expiring and newer, transformed capital.

This the 3rd method place says the residence is common place, it is to point to a basis law, code and building business contract, by sheet the owner inside the residence is odd perhaps an owner inside the residence and to it the place with the blame residence mutual owner that the structure is linked together, include commonly: Passageway of residential foundation, main wall body, column, bridge, floor, housetop and outdoor metope, vestibular, stair well, corridor.

This method place says common facilities facilities, it is to point to a basis law, code and building business contract, by residential owner or residential owner and the accessary facilities facilities that share about blame residence owner, include establishment of elevator, antenna, illume, fire control, greenbelt, road, street lamp, conduit, pool, well, blame to manage style of sex of garage of sexual car field, commonweal commonly establishment and common the building that facilities facilities uses.

Management of special maintenance fund executes the 4th residence only door memory, special funds the principle that decision-making, government monitors special, droit person.

Branch of director of construction of the 5th the State Council is in charge of countrywide residence jointly with department of finance of the State Council the guidance of special maintenance capital and supervisory job.
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