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City divides batch construction to examine and approve flow with the ground
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City divides batch construction to examine and approve flow with the ground

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The first pace: First trial?
Have first trial according to declaring the requirement of material, examine data all ready, content is complete. First trial works in a few days to finish in 11. ?

The 2nd pace: Special examine?

Is authority belonged to, the ground kind, the checkup of the area?

Does land use a program to examine?

Is the circumstance that offer the ground examined?

Is the circumstance that control mine examined?

Is geological calamity circumstance examined?

Violate the checkup with the ground?

Does the letter visit a circumstance to examine?

Is policy code examined?

Are compensatory farmland and commandeer land circumstance examined?

? ?

Examine finish inside 5 weekday. ?

The 3rd pace: Joint hearing?

Hold joint hearing to meet, collective research declares construction to use the case of the ground. ?

The 4th pace: Sign up for the State Council?

Important document is all ready, the data that joint hearing can pass, from receive declare with the ground remove 40 jobs to report the State Council in a few days. ?

The 5th pace: Inform capture of cost?

After give an official of the State Council, expend a standard to pay relevant fee according to approving the area that use the land and capture. ?

The 6th pace: Give an official?

After getting the pay money receipt that accords with a requirement, give an official is dealt with inside 2 weekday and next sending declare an unit. ?

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