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Protect siheyun to ban insert build a building, rebuild the height that use a ro
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Protect siheyun to ban insert build a building, rebuild the height that use a room must not exceed 6 meters

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The siheyun inside groove guard of famous city of culture of this city history, reach the whole village of less than of 3 annulus road, will forbidden insert inside the courtyard build new building. The reporter learned from branch of this city program yesterday, " disperse in urban construction about rigid limitation insert the regulation that proposes a building " edit recently finish. The new regulation after the basis edits, can build in these areas, rebuild facilities of service of partial culture education, life uses a room, but when building these establishment to use a room, height also must not exceed 6 meters.
Old siheyun, old Wang Fu is the historical involuntary discharge of urine that the ancestor leaves is put, building a village is according to Beijing city overall planning equitable distribution, no matter be to include historical culture groove guard the old construction inside, already still passed the new village that examine and approve, amid inserts building a building is pair of original position to destroy, the greenbelt in some inserting still plan that those who build a building to take up is other perhaps and communal service area, such inserting build destroy urban landscape not only, also affect dweller life quality at the same time. As a result of Beijing the land of less than of 3 annulus road already was become rare lack resource, business of a few development hit " old building to transform the idea of " . These are so called transform have a plenty of pair of old buildings to undertake breaking up building, break up when building, try to raise floor area, some is flat between old building make use of every bit of time or space builds new building, let originally layout becomes more crowded with respect to very compact living area.
Residence of the siheyun that these areas always have protective value through appraisal, old Wang Fu, gardens, hut watchs fane and other temple, also must maintain its original characteristic and scene, prohibit be being inserted inside its courtyard build a building. As we have learned, the old regulation before editing allows to undertake building rebuilding inside old the city zone, but these rebuilding must transform photograph band with danger old building, group by group delimit rebuilds area, execute a street to become piece rebuild. Become with first phase piece rebuild the area using the land of the project, must not be less than 4 hectare commonly; In border already know exactly about sth the area of the building undertakes a building rebuild, the complete building division of 4 hectare above must be formed after rebuilding; Prohibit fragmentary and dispersive rebuild, extend. Rise ceaselessly as what protect understanding to old city, these conditions become the content with edit the most serious.
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