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View construction graph designs a standard
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View construction graph designs a standard

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Landscape construction graph designs a standard
Design a level to rise further, make the CAD of my company realizes standardization, standardization, network stage by stage, we are passed right in recent years the experience that the CAD works undertakes abstract and be summinged up and formulate this standard. Henceforth, every my company continues the computer of application of job of of all kinds design of the work out assists plot, all need according to this standard undertakes. Entire company designs personnel to be in each its are specific in use process, if discover the part that need is revised or need complements, reach concerned opinion the data please, refer a manager, so that will be opposite henceforth,perfect originally.
One, general principles
1, working target
1.1 standardization —— improves the working quality of the design effectively;
1.2 standardization —— improves the work efficiency of the design;
Of management of the standardization on facilitating network of 1.3 network —— and achievement share.
2, working limits
This standard is the unified regulation of cartography of basis building CAD, the CAD cartography in applying to my company to construct project and landscape project and relevant field.
3, working style
What this standard expresses the style that amount to to form company CAD plot is unified, do not advocate individual plot to convey a style. The expression of CAD cartography should clear, complete, unified.
2, n/arc drafting
1, n/arc drafting standard
Country of strict comply with concerns project cartography cartography of building cartography standard, ask the expressive means of all graph face all keeps consistent.
2, blueprint catalog
Each professional blueprint catalog consult following and ordinal work out:
Blueprint catalog
Landscape major: Landscape designs a specification; General drawing; Perpendicular to the graph; Put line figure; Index figure; Divisional graph; Node detail drawing; The shop installs detail drawing.
The building is professional: The building designs a specification; Interior decoration schedule; Build schedule of tectonic course of action; The building decides bitmap; Ichnography; Elevation; Profile; Stair; Partial plane; Building detail drawing; Door window is expressed; Door window pursues.
Structural major: The structure designs a specification; Picket bitmap; Fundamental graph; Fundamental detail drawing; Basement structure pursues; (blueprint of people's air defense) ; Basement structure detail drawing; Floor structure is decorated; Floor matchs muscle plan; Bridge, column, board, stair detail drawing; Detail drawing of structural component part.
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