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Forest byelaw of province building market control (amend)
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Forest byelaw of province building market control (amend)

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General principles of the first chapter
Aptitude of the 2nd chapter manages
Newspaper of the 3rd stamp is built, hair bag contracts management
Contract of the 4th chapter manages
Cost of the 5th chapter manages
Quality of the 6th order manages
Responsibility of law of the 7th art of composition
Supplementary articles of the 8th chapter
General principles of the first chapter
The first builds market control to strengthen, uphold the order that builds the market, protection builds the legitimate rights and interests of management activity party, the basis concerns the provision of law, code, union is saved originally actual, enact this ordinance.
This the 2nd byelaw place calls a building the market, it is to point to the reconnaissance that is engaged in building a project, design, construction, the production that builds compose a replacement and commodity concrete treatment and the hair packet that build a project, contract, the building such as intermediary service runs activity and place.
This byelaw place says to build a project, it is to show circuitry of building construction project, conduit lays and equipment installation project, adornment decorates a project to wait.
The 3rd every is saving the unit that is engaged in building market control and building to run an activity inside canton region and individual originally, must abide by this byelaw.
The 4th building manages an activity to must hold to fair competition and the principle that trade legally, prohibit block and the behavior that forestall builds the market.
Department of administration of construction of government of people of above of class of the 5th county is this administration the director department that the market builds inside area, its are main duty is:
(one) carry out the law that implements concerned building market control, code, regulations;
(2) guidance and normative building run an activity;
(3) according to sends a package about formulary examine and verify square, contract square, intermediary square aptitude;
(4) newspaper of project of project of responsible conduction construction establishs procedures, bag of supervisory management hair, contract activity;
(5) examine draft of construction project contract;
(6) the regulations system that builds project norm and cost management about formulary formulate by country and province, supervise carry out;
(7) the inspect manage of project of responsible government construction and quality supervise the work;
(8) the illegal behavior in investigating construction market lawfully.
The other administration department of government of people of prefectural class above divides the work according to respective duty, share building market control.
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