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Manage of construction project inspect and relevant service rate " compendium of
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Manage of construction project inspect and relevant service rate " compendium of announce be linked together

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Rise from May 1, 2007 " manage of construction project inspect and relevant service collect fees management sets " and " rate of manage of construction project inspect and relevant service " begin to apply, raise one's head and look of inspect grain industry came on stage eventually with the policy that expect, continue to use long former project inspect of 15 years manages rate [1992] price expends a word to be carried out 479 numbers no longer, project inspect manages rate is too low, this restricts the “ bottleneck ” that health of industry of grain of inspect of our country project develops to had been broken through. Show a setting of new rate castigatory, meaning, main characteristic, compare with original standard photograph, what to do to adjust on content wait in order to introduce:

One, to setting of former rate castigatory, make the sense of new standard.

1992, ministry of bureau of former state prices, construction releases jointly " the announcement that about releasing project inspect to manage rate concerns a provision " with what come on stage accordingly " project rate " to assuring project prison director the rapid development of course of study produced main effect. Former rate comes on stage 15 years to come, the legal laws and regulations of system of organization of the economic situation of our country, investment, project management system, country and market environment produced tremendous change: Above all, since 1995, our country is promulgated in project domain a series of legal laws and regulations and national standard gift inspect manage is legal duty and legal responsibility. Quality supervisory respect increased by station inspect manage, “ 3 accuse 2 canals to be coordinated”Safety increased to supervise again outside. The 2nd, come 15 years, price index rises ceaselessly, inspect grain industry serves cost to rise considerably, and the rate of inspect grain industry was not adjusted accordingly however, this makes inspect grain industry runs be in hot water, technical personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year is serious, personnel quality on the low side, bring about inspect to manage directly servive routine quality drops, make the quality that inspect grain industry assumes law to gift hard and safe responsibility, the quality that affected construction project badly, safety and investment benefit, with inspect the healthy progress of grain industry does not suit. The 3rd, the project of Beijing country Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai world rich 2010 is met project, Ningxia 3 houses of “ of project of 50 birthday tribute large quantities of one large project such as two centers ” are increasing, industry of grain giving watch brought opportunity already, also brought the job difficulty of complex, technology demand of big, technology is higher and higher, serve the change with level higher and higher demand. Conditional inspect grain industry began the project government service of whole process. The change of the individuation that former rate serves without the consideration, poor dissimilation and market environment. The 4th, what our country joins WTO is excessive period had ended, the project outside the condition seeks advice from an enterprise to entering our country market, and the valuation method that we have not use international to go up to use person man-hour generally, with share an international market competition is incommensurate. These explain former rate is badly in need of editing, in order to get used to the need that the situation admits, hurried has the progress of course of study.
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