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The whole that university campus plans is designed
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The whole that university campus plans is designed

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Along with the ceaseless development of reforming and opening, the higher education career of our country also got unprecedented development. Large quantities of one new schools, new campus is being built ceaselessly.

Campus building is not complex, but here be pregnant with is worn numerous students' hope and dream. The program of atmosphere of campus of this kind of excuse, better way is the method that can devise the city introduces campus design. The process is here medium, the key is not is program and the building that design particular form, however game of one a complete set of is regular, here includes pair of spaces and monomer building to control element, and executive method, advocate the public to participate in, establish a mechanism that can perfect ceaselessly. The opinion of the teachers and students of main body crowd that use especially ought to be taken seriously. The conformity of old campus, should make build the inadequacy on the function to get redeeming, conformity builds space of inside and outside, the be in harmony that makes the construction of different years dramatic and another rise. And eliminate function and form, more should spirit and culture connotation, put forward the whole that university campus plans to design to watch so.

One university campus plans to design a concept

1 function is divisional: As the change of higher education concept, learn the hair of school regulations model

Emphasize strictly each great merit can be divisional inside the college, already cannot satisfy the use requirement of pair of students, teacher in fact. And should make blend each other between each function area, permeate, with respect to the concept that must apply “ to be this ” with the person.

2 campus characteristic: In distinguishing feature of culture of university of the inheritance in new campus program, terrain

Make report respective school is humanitarian the campus environment of spirit and characteristic.

3 zoology environment: As the large-scale construction of campus, the knot answers in planning to design

Nature and make full use of natural condition, protection and compose build the ecosystem of campus. Creation zoology is changed, the campus environment that gardens changes.

4 can develop continuously: Campus plans to answer mature the development to future, make program structure rich and diversiform, harmonious, stretch, get used to future to change, contented can develop continuously.

Still answer in campus whole design: 1) mutual and harmonious, mutual dialog and organic correlation answer between building monomer, the whole that establishs face and outer space in order to form way is successional
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