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China builds tendency of a few kinds of designs now
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China builds tendency of a few kinds of designs now

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Have the view with a kind of very long history: The building is an art. Latter argument is: The building is a kind of production, art also is production. So, will measure a building as the standard with productivity, appropriate? Deceased Italy says in blame of tower of M· of historian of new left-wing structure, building historian and commenter are building the action in theory, seem to open banquet to offer to be the lummox with a luxuriant dress of kingly toast before in royal banquet. The " standpatter that his meaning is censuring to traditional historian already became malapropos Xiang Wen to change continuity to hit respectful make a bow with hands folded in front " . This can be regarded is modernistic building campaign in this century like a rising wind and scudding clouds when, great Master of vanward group structure and egghead produce class " to be opposite on behalf of alleged " the attack with traditional conservative intellectual harsh acuity.
And be in China, the case that builds a group and Europe differ somewhat. The expert professors that building history and the job that study theoretically get inside each universities and colleges, institute, it is " mostly the praise highly that 54 " new culture moves person, the pioneer that consequently they move to modernistic building sends academic interpret interpose, advocate to be do one's best, have very much even general child borrow this to be in construction group anti-feudal (authoritative, superstition) imposing manner. And those architect that are in " to produce forefront " people, instead as a result of eye shot out-of-the-way, to humanitarian knowledge diaphragmatic, one kind is in to close in building creation, keep the position with snob. Below this kind of condition, "The building is the payoff " that productivity of " of a kind of production, " is progress of a society above all by shallow enter deep, by specific the view to abstraction, it is contracted only when be catchword label, "Generator " is taken by architect on the old standard that is stuck in oneself, with as separate as egghead, historian, commenter a group of people of same interest. And, as a result of nip consciousness form power, "Generator " should compare " it seems that nonproductive person the commenter " nobility with " , reap without sowing " is gotten much- - really, because the bitter fleabane break out of national bldg. is exhibited, money of a huge sum runs in estate, bldg. , the architect behead that is in " to produce forefront " is obtained very much, money one big, gas is thick also, the identity also rise with respect to " high " . In architectural domain, according to so a doubtful standard divided building and egghead, commenter grade gentle and simple, who does building criticism still have to say? How to say?
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