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Free space is building design new trend
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Free space is building design new trend

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The town planning of “ China and urban construction produced a lot of fault, from the angle of traditional scholar looks, beijing is one is destroyed by modernization the fiercest city ” . The on October 29 Beijing “ international that Chinese contemporary design teachs father king to suffer expresses so on ” of active space forum, he thinks, the harmonious and unified, how realizes freedom use space that how realizes building product and urban space, it is the two big questions that estate develops professional personage to should consider at present.

Nearly 100 reporters pay close attention to theory of ” of space of freedom of Wang Shouzhi “

On the forum that this Beijing swan bay sponsors, hurried of trade of forgive of the director before center of art of American los angeles designs an institute to teach bureau of town planning of Wang Shouzhi, Newyork city personally eventually and person, China can build industry branch the president of an association or society Gong Hu is unripe wait for industry expert to developed direction to undertake discussion with respect to the estate of Beijing. And the speech that drives the Wang Shouzhi of Beijing, Rao Ji to the person from the United States on a special trip was to draw the spot more the look of nearly 100 reporters and industry public figure.

Mr Wang Shouzhi points out, as the promotion of people life quality, the person that buy a house pays close attention to more and more living culture and living character, the rationality of living space also makes design expert and the task that develop business to must be faced subsequently. The use space of “ freedom is the way that builds a product, accomplish a space to hold an a variety of functions concurrently only, habitant just may enjoy ” of living culture character, industry thinks word of Wang Shouzhi pointed out the international that builds a product develops way.

Everybody is changing “ , the change faces a choice later, it is to be moved now leave this space or continue to change this space, because the change of this space appears,attach most importance to especially should. Forgive of the director before bureau of town planning of ” Newyork city and person think, as the change of domestic structure and population structure, the use structure of the building also can be adjusted somewhat, far-sighted development business should not cross much rigid program door, leave active space however, undertake reasonable construction from interior space.

“ develops business to offer 200 million houses even at least inside 10 years”

The viewpoint of Wang Shouzhi and forgive and person caused the discussion of present public figure for many times, and in speak of “ whether is Chinese estate put in bubble ” after all at present when topic of this one heat, wang Shouzhi shows the confidence of pair of Chinese estate markets. He thinks, the market demand of Chinese estate is very big, the urban rate of the whole world is 50 % probably, urban rate of China is 30 % probably, if want to be in 20 years in or 10 years in reach world average level, mean still 200 million person wants to be moved in the city to live, only the development prospect that this one data can see real estate is quite considerable.
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