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Build style and individual character
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Build style and individual character

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Chinese city builds the condition that is in be in a dilemma. It is on international a few outstanding stylist on one hand, carrying the design plan of modern building concept, market of ambitious push forward China; It is Chinese mainland on the other hand public opinion place gives out stand fast and the strong appeal of ” of characteristic of continuance “ nation and ” of “ nation style.

Be in same in urban space, between the with “ nation ” structure style of “ contemporary ” , possible, or with ” of what “ language join after all? Both be extreme misery nots allow really, oppose completely?

Enter 21 centuries, meet no longer at least should be somebody built everywhere in the capital on the ” of “ big house top of indicative nation characteristic?

In density of a population such big, available the country with land more and more contractible natural resources, the type of palace of type of temple type hall of Chinese tradition is built, the fund of building materials manpower that its expend and comfortable and economic rate, change the standard that designs ” with “ human nature, already also became a kind to offer appreciation only, should by the ” of “ culture historic site of elaborate care and maintenance. “ nation changes the maneuverability of ” , depend on stylist can abstracting the classic structure marrow that gives China civilization from which, it perhaps is some kind of abstraction only, vacant verve and aesthetic concept, like enraging a ” as “ , nowhere is absent.

The fine of domestic outstanding stylist suffers from the intention, had built successful model in a lot of cities actually.

The has bright Tang Dynasty to build a style “ Shaanxi that 80 time later period builds in Xi'an city saves century of exemple as above historical museum ” ; The ” of museum of “ Zhejiang history that Hangzhou city Xi Zihu bank contains Song Daijian to build characteristic; Zhejiang carry on begins side of canal of town around the city, big low layer that the course transforms civilian house, tile of white wall black is vaulted door hole, show rich Changjiang Delta local color; Civilian house transforms the pond austral Beijing project, corridor is linked together, copy the door window of case of bright cool breeze, clairvoyant feeling and integral structural frame, also drew lessons from … of Beijing siheyun culture…
However, the west that has dimensional advantage is contemporary building, approach overwhelmly still step by step to us.

The place facilities with many 2008 Olympic Games, so tremendous building arena, the stylist sleeping and eating that lets a whole world is installed hard.
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