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France is built classically
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France is built classically

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France is classical architectural masterpiece is dimensions the palace edifice with tremendous, grand model and the square that commemorate a gender are built group. The annexe leaving palace that royal family of France of this one period and Quan Chenjian build and gardens, for Europe other country institute is imitated.

As the popularity that builds a style classically, paris established architectural courtyard 1671, student much one's previous experience at aristocratic family, the technology of craftsman of their look down upon and craftsman, formed advocate the academic group of classic form. The institute sends building and educational system to continue to 19 centuries all the time. The idea such as the professional skill that the institute sends concerned architect and structure composition art, the building facilities of regnant Western Europe is amounted to 200 old.

Classical architectural masterpiece tastes France have palace of Parisian Lu float east establish hall of Protestantism of face, Fan Ersai palace and courtyard of Parisian wounded soldier to wait. Fan Ersai palace founded not only the new form of palace is made, and be designed in the program and be on garden art place of European each country is followed the example of at that time.

Hall of Protestantism of wounded soldier courtyard calls deformed soldier protestant hall again, it is Louie the monument of 14 period army, also be the classical structure of model of seventeen century France. Protestant hall is received the end austral type cathedral gets stuck in old Brazilian benefit, plane shows a square, central coping is enclothing the dome Long that has three-layer housing, the exterior submits parabola form, appreciably rises up, the daylighting kiosk with idiomatic period of a renaissance still was added on the top. The space below dome Long top is by the Greek cross that waits for long 4 arms to form, the prayer that going up quadrilateral is 4 circles room. Protestant hall establishs a range compact, dome Long top is apart from the ground 106.5 meters, it is whole architectural center, square Founder cathedral itself looks the base that resembling is dome Long top, more increased architectural solemn mood.

In on 18 centuries half leaf and middle period, of national sex, the large construction that commemorates a gender decreases significantly than seventeen century. Acting is a large number of comfortable and tranquil town houses and cabinet and delicate countryside villa. In these residences, the salon of beautiful Huan and comfortable living room replaced luxurious hall. On building shell, although Ba Luo overcomes cathedral style,be followed the example of very quickly for other building, but institute of building of this period Paris still is classical base camp.
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