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The building designs meaning and its method pre-test
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The building designs meaning and its method pre-test

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Summary: The history that the article designs place to be faced with through contemporary town building is torturous think with aesthetic and combine an author in recent years the basic method that working practice discussed a building to design and train of thought. The author thinks to should establish proper building view and positive aesthetic outlook above all, the professional responsibility that should have to architect next and social responsibility have sober knowledge, answer to undertake to building program from the angle of project technology reason thinks again, ponder over the problem that builds feasibility from structure and the point of view with professional equipment especially.

Keyword: Civilization of building design society is with the person this

One, introductive

Since the history enters 21 centuries, round of course of time express ased if to accelerate rate suddenly. The gradual change of change quickly, the great change of time brings a great change to the worlds is in this times more and more let a person do not think different. Change, those who became current society is thematic, in the change of everythings on earth the life lets people become busy, people has a meal in change, drive, the job, recreation, study, sleep, let get a person without metabolic instead uncannily. What these phenomena reflect in Beijing town building is more apparent: Does ぐ step come tell health mother of A of be angry encouraging twinkling does egg of damask of Gu of ゲ joyous danger blink  tall  to write down Yun of R of Fei Qu of Suo of  of  of Se of  of Xin of colourful of  of ∏ of  of ≌ of  of  yellow  ㄖ of apprentice of  of ㄖ of admire of Nuo of Ga of  of  of white Cong quiet?

Invest to real estate, what sports real estate, travel real estate, commerce real estate, developing zone real estate, meeting exhibits landed, residence real estate to become capital to change is multiform. The building also becomes more and more unwilling like capital at be in the behind the curtain is directed in the dark, it always tries to use most the emission of individual character and attire attract a look to erupt simultaneously piece most canorous cries out.

Architect is worn in the happily anguish in tide, countless opportunities, countless temptation, countless forms, countless change. Choice, cut, duplicate, stickup the edge tool in becoming architect hand, devote into suddenly in field of such fame and gain, we become more self-confident also more not self-confident, more sensitive more chill also, more careful also more extensive, more scruple without place also more foot of Wei hand Wei ……

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