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Public construction is energy-saving design standard is understood
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Public construction is energy-saving design standard is understood

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60 time metaphase reachs 20 centuries of our country 70 time, the cost that reduces capital construction as a result of one-sided emphasis and reduce a construction self-prossessed, bring about weaken the level of heat preservation heat insolation that maintains a structure again and again, heating and air conditioning specific power consumption are big, economy and social benefit are very poor. Show our country building to use the 1/3 that already can be close to countrywide the sources of energy to consume gross.

The building is industrial structure and civil building in our country cent. Specific power consumption of industrial structure itself is not big, so the country has not built the demand of energy-saving respect to industry. Civil building divides again it is two kinds big: Living building and public construction. The by electric industry total bureau provides with company burning gas data in the social investigation phase before each expert writes a standard shows: Current the consumption level of Chinese dweller and consumptive habit, it is very little that living building of living building specific power consumption and public construction or abroad is compared. Living building advocates energy-saving design, the purpose is the comfortable sex that improves people life. And public construction advocates energy-saving design just is the crucial link that establishs intensive society. Public construction cent is the following kinds: Office is built () of office building of office building, government sector, commerce is built (bazaar, finance builds) , travel is built () of hotel, public place of entertainment, article of science and education protects a building () of culture, education, scientific research, medical treatment, wholesome, sports, communication is built (post and telecommunications, communication, broadcast) and traffic is carried (the) such as the airport, station. Data shows: What use up energy every year to be equivalent to the specific power consumption with 800 million farmer total annual of countrywide with respect to government sector office building: The summer in the office wears sweater drive machine of office of lamp of arrange of solution of short sleeve of shirt of cold, winter, white day break, hot water waters machine the nobody after coming off work closes. Insecurity of the sources of energy already began inside global limits now, you Yizhong country is relatively serious, develop as the high speed of Chinese economy, the use to the sources of energy and managing more pressing.

The building is actually energy-saving not be a new task, build fundamental course — to build a part that hot project learns however, our country issued corresponding standard early also 1993 " design of civil construction hot industry is normative " , promulgated 1996 " civil building is energy-saving the design is tagged (part of heating living building) " , promulgated 2001 " living structure of Xia Redong cold region is energy-saving design standard " , these are promulgated normatively, also reacted our country builds energy-saving development contrail: By boreal Xiang Na, arrive by living building public construction. But as a result of a variety of reasons, these normative clauses did not include a country mandatory inside article limits, each district also did not release a government to make try to emphasize, so executive strength also did not achieve due result. But promulgated on July 1, 2005 carry out " public construction is energy-saving design standard " in those who a lot of clauses are included a country is mandatory inside article, corresponding each district government promulgated the law that has local law effectiveness, shanghai makes the 50th in the government that released on June 13, 2005: " Shanghai builds energy-saving government measure " compulsive regulation: Build the residence and the public construction that the government invests to must undertake energy-saving design since July 15, 2005. " method " the requirement that parts the 9th times to issue put oneself in another's position to designing unit and blueprint to examine an orgnaization to carry with the 10th. So, design an unit to the building, energy-saving design had entered architectural a brand-new period!
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