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Design method of Bei Yuming reachs enlightenment
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Design method of Bei Yuming reachs enlightenment

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Bei Yuming, one of architect with the most principal this century, in him outstanding architectural backside, a perforative mysterious line, this is the design method with particular place of shellfish family name namely.
The personnel in the design divides the work
Be in the United States, social division of labor is very fine, the job of every respect can have technical staff be engaged in, do not have this kind of Chinese architect body basically to hold the circumstance of much duty concurrently. Architect office is in charge of holding old way only, and overall and harmonious job, hand in as to structure and equipment go solving by special office. The division of labor of equipment engineer is far those who compare China is complex, architect can seek advice from the artistic effect of all sorts of lamplight to technical lamplight engineer even, the electric engineer that this is China does not do far. The design that expresses architect intention repeatedly explains, also hand in in the United States go finishing by the company that is engaged in technically designing demonstrative business. Develop in Internet height today, such fine long hair that do silk won't be cloggy between each major cooperate, blueprint is transmitted each other through Internet, as be like same unit work.
Be in in in the design of silver-colored edifice, whole design by office of architect of shellfish family name (PEI PARTNERSHIPARCHITECTS) always contract, owner pays a design fee to shellfish family name only. Shellfish family name again oneself give money to go for engineer of structure, equipment, that is to say it is in the departmental cent cent with a medium design includes professional office.
Total budgetary estimate of silver-colored edifice project is in 1, 477, 355, 770 yuan of RMBs, design cost presses 8.5% collection, for 124, 800, RMB of 000 yuan of foreign currency, allocate as a whole by shellfish family name. Structural engineer is office of power heart Lin Ge's engineer (WEIDLINGERASSOCIATES) , equipment engineer is JB&B engineer office (JAROS BAUM&BOLLES) , they and shellfish family name all have longer cooperative concern. Square design unit builds scientific academy to design an institute integratedly for China in, he is decided through invite public bidding by shellfish family name, its design cost to also pay by shellfish family name. Such doing make the design expends a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year, so, a few exceed the United States to design a company large-scaly, be in for instance S.O.M. In, still be each professional all ready. This kind of meticulous society divides the work, engineer of architect, construction, equipment engineer parts the means of practice and home are very different. It made there is the opportunity of two-way choice between engineer of architect, construction, equipment engineer, produced competition in office of engineer of numerous structure, equipment thereby. Outstanding office shows itself, make of issue of the structure of tall difficulty, equipment solve for the likelihood, realized its bold conception to level for architect thereby road, the design that is Gao Shuiping created a condition.
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