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Shanghai Pudong building designs academy limited company
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Shanghai Pudong building designs academy limited company

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Limited company of academy of design of Shanghai Pudong building (abbreviation PDAD) built city building of design academy, Pudong to design afforest of gardens of company, Pudong to design place in former Pudong in October 1998 change on the foundation make recombine, the omnibus first class that already made gardens of market structure, municipal, scenery, program design quaternity now designs a company. The company has stuff more than 250, professional technology personnel 225, teach course among them senior engineer 4, senior engineer 60, engineer more than 80, of all kinds register an engineer 52. The company has a batch of in the prime of one's life, be brave in to develop, those who dare to go all out in work is medium young technology backbone, they are enduring the edification that Haipawen changes, hammer into shape in the competition of numerous global design business. The design work originality of the company is masterly and Chinese and Western of novel, be well versed in, thick, wide welcome.

Current, the company owns a building integrated first class, first class of gardens of Sui of municipal road, bridge, catchment, scenery, highway second class, the design aptitude such as class of town planning third. The program is set to build plan room, structure inside one place, building 2, build 3 (adornment is designed) , the professional place room such as municipal place, scenery gardens place, have gardens of building, structure, road, bridge, scenery, program, landscape, to catchment, electric. The company wins honorary title of Shanghai civilization unit at passing attestation of ISO9001 quality system 2000.

Calendar year comes, the company is in program of industry, civil building, ancient building, concept, village the respect such as design of landscape of gardens of program, municipal project, scenery, city, interior decoration all obtained delectable result, win the award of of all kinds design such as ministry of national level, construction, Shanghai in all 70 multinomial.

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