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Beijing 5 add up to international to build design group
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Beijing 5 add up to international to build design group

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: 5 add up to international (5 1 Werkhart International) as the group that cross a state, the branch is set in Germany, England, Australia, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong. Chinese mainland has stuff 200 more than person, include to master Europe to build the foreign nationality stylist of science and technology, the structure that provides professional level for the client designs a service. With zoology of the design of SOBEK construction project with famous Germany, TRANSSOLAR establishment of research and development of industry of energy-saving design, HENN is designed and JOI hotel business is indoor design superiority is complementary, develop Chinese market jointly.

5 add up to international to take the lead in putting forward “5 1” to serve mode inside course of study, design of integrated town planning, building, landscape design, interior design, plane designs 5 kinds of big professional technologies, provide market analysis and service of product plan rise in value.

In recent years, in the respect such as design of town planning, building, landscape design the design completes project of more than 100 large projects, the market leads way on design concept and technical measure, established “ 5 add up to ” brand. 10 a lunar month of 30 days of Chinese are stationed in 3 years to build design company outside selected condition continuously.

5 add up to international to be good at design of building of office of zoology of high-grade hotel design, high-tech, large trade, in top class villa, high-grade living area and landscape design respect also enjoy extremely tall reputation, outstanding achievement spreads all over Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to wait for each big city.

5 add up to international wholy-owned subsidiary Shanghai 5 add up to wisdom library to invest advisory limited company (WISENOVA) for estate management department of orgnaization of development business, investment business, finance, government offers estate market and investment to seek advice from a service

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