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Tianjin university builds a design to plan to study total courtyard
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Tianjin university builds a design to plan to study total courtyard

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: This academy by found with the Tianjin university 1958 the building designs academy and design of Tianjin university town planning to the academy is combined and be become, rely on the talent advantage of national emphasis university, course advantage and technical advantage, depend on advanced technical equipment and rigorous working style, completed project of the building design of all sorts of all sorts of types, dimensions and town planning inside countrywide limits in recent years, and win of all kinds award repeatedly, those who be entrusted an unit by the project reputably, it is advisory unit of engineering of design of design of building of national first class, first class town planning, first class. This academy has a gleam of to design staff 150 more than person, among them 45 factitious countries one class Registered Architect, one class registers 35 factitious countries structural division, 10 people register town planning division for the country, the personnel that has master's degree occupies the 40% above of complete courtyard total number.

Complete professional form a complete set, higher personnel quality, the plan that makes this academy uses the work out with design of living architectural of science and education, of all kinds town planning and major project in large public construction seeks advice wait for a respect, all have outstanding contribution.

2005, it is China latter-day university of Tianjin of ———— of the first university is built school 110 years, ” of “ be practical and realistic regards the school of Tianjin university as example, in the company culture that blends in this academy already deeply and service concept. The Tianjin university that bright, style has distinguishing feature alone builds a design to plan to study total courtyard, the urban construction that wishs to be China ticks off draw meticulously to have local distinguishing feature most, provide the competition ability, development blueprint that has times mind most most!

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