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Ling Jing builds design office
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Ling Jing builds design office

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Approach area structure designs an office (LJJZ&Associates Planners, architects. ) newly established 1996, its predecessor is limited company of design of couplet area structure, the design grinds exhibit base to repose at Shanghai Lu bay inside circle of culture of Ou Maoming road, it is one pursues with planning to build design, construction the design always contracts give priority to business Wu, plan of integrated estate seeks advice, notional plan plan, establish a face to deepen plan of sale of design, estate, multimedia plan to make the civilian battalion that wait design a company. The office has construction project to design design of graph of first class aptitude, construction to always contract first class aptitude. Administrator of the design elite with company a batch of in the prime of one's life, seasoned agglomeration, professional engineer, senior project, in course of study of person of the same trade with “ concept lead, elaborate design, service reachs the designated position ” and celebrated, it is one provides integrated competition ability and whole to develop the high speed of the advantage to grow extremely model design an office. The office gathered together professional elite and person with ability of each high quality government, the maturity that comprised service of form a complete set of pair of construction project designs, estate to having deep understanding, sagacious, management group that has experience, formed young, open, red-blooded core group culture. The company has a state one class registers a building 3 people, country 2 class Registered Architect 4 people, one class registers structural engineer 3 people, professor level is high 1 person of engineer, the country registers town planning division 1 person, senior and advisory architect 3 people, 1 person of advisory construction chief engineer.

The office appears with construction ministry extensive China builds a group limited company of extensive China engineering and office of architect of American STOA international form strategic associate to concern, strong strong together, enhance comprehensive strength and core competition ability, devote oneself to to develop domestic international market. In the meantime, we have with add take LJJZ to build CMP of design office, Australia to build Context of design office, Australia to design an office to wait for grandfather of much family circumstances to manage the design cooperates experience, in the design the concept is communicated, character pursuit, language communication, domestic abroad standard holds, have on time schedule requirement quite advantage. Current, the office is devoting oneself to actively to develop southwest market.

At present the office already realized design computer network entirely, share network resource adequately, take an active part in international to conform. In recent years, pass the indefatigable effort of broad design personnel, already completed many design project. Commodity house design obtained good sale outstanding achievement entirely, the accord that is developed business and person of the same trade reputably.
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