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Shanghai municipal project designs research total courtyard
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Shanghai municipal project designs research total courtyard

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Design of Shanghai municipal engineering studies total courtyard is founded 1954, it is one of municipal designing institutes that our country establishs the earliest. All previous development via half century, already became project of first class of a large and integrated country to seek advice from a design to study total courtyard, in domestic project reconnaissance design domain is enjoyed taller famous degree, first of industry of municipal design of whole nation of comprehensive strength house. Have water supply, catchment, road, bridge, water at present earth of labour, building, cliff, measure, development of space of landscape of project of float of orbit traffic, magnetism, environment, city, underground, project always contracts wait for many major. Since building a courtyard, accumulate the reconnaissance design that completes 6000 multinomial domestic and international municipal projects, the project invests amount to make an appointment with 200 billion yuan, built a career to make important contribution for our country city.

Total courtyard sets ministry of Party committee office, courtyard office, organization human affairs, market to manage finance affairs of ministry of quality of ministry, technology, asset room of ministry, censorial audit, company grows a ministry to wait for 8 function branch and total courtyard IT center and academician atelier, Great Master atelier, postdoctoral workstation; Administer has a designing institute 14 the home, courtyards belong to the 11 the home, branch department of firm outside be stationed in, agency 12, worker in all 1595 people, among them 20 people of doctoral, 200 people of Master, university undergraduate course 671 people; 43 people of professor class senior engineer, advanced title 362 people, intermediate title 445 people; Have Lin Yuanpei of academician of notable project courtyard, elite of large quantities of one science and technology such as ball of Cui Jian of design Great Master, Yang Shousheng, talent assemble, technical force is abundant. Calendar year will obtain degree of country, ministry, city excellent design and award of progress of science and technology 400 multinomial, award of progress of science and technology of its China home 7, large award of Zhan Tianyou civil engineering 6. Adopt research and development of science and technology and project practice, accumulated large quantities of one project patent, became Shanghai patent 2004 pilot enterprise. Be judged 8 times to be Shanghai civilization unit continuously, be judged 5 times to be Shanghai preeminent company, have the honor to win company of Shanghai gold cup twice, have the honor to win Shanghai “ worker “ of ” of the most satisfactory enterprise, whole nation 15 ” whole nation builds the domestic ” of worker of model of “ of ” of 51 labor certificate of merit, whole nation, “ progress of science and technology is advanced the honorary title such as unit of garden of collective, Shanghai. Obtained Shanghai 2003 company of new and high technology is maintained, carried review a case 2007. Had the honor to win Shanghai A 2007 kind grade of financial condition of financial credit unit, bank is AAA class.
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