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Shanghai is the same as aid town planning designs an academy
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Shanghai is the same as aid town planning designs an academy

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Shanghai is the same as aid academy of town planning design held water 1996, it is the wholy-owned industry orgnaization of the university that be the same as aid, also be the whole nation first taking the orgnaization of design scientific research of aptitude of first class of town planning design and aptitude of travel program first class. The professional technology personnel with complete existing and full-time courtyard 179 people, among them senior engineer 37, the country registers program division 81, foreign nationality plans to design staff 5.

As force of Chinese country program the strongest program designs one of research units, the project that my courtyard carries on pervades Chinese each district, extended business in the country such as Russia, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Angola. The major servicing of my courtyard includes bequest of culture of overall planning of strategic program, area program, city, history to protect program, detailed program, city program of travel of design, scenery and of all kinds and special program the work out that wait and seek advice; Technical standard is mixed related the scientific research task that at the same time my courtyard still assumes a country to build make known to lower levels of ministry, various local government, town planning the work out of occupation standard works.

My courtyard pays attention to the quality of program achievement very, at the same time have the aid of is in with course of aid university town planning domestic and international position and influence, sufficient play college designs an unit to study the dominant position of the respect in theory, sufficient play “ is produced, learn, grind the comprehensive strength that ” photograph combines, combine social practice cheek by jowl, ceaseless pursuit innovates. Completed design of more than 1000 programs and scientific research project in last few years, obtained a province among them (city) class award 40, win national level award 19, serve as successfully location of Shanghai world exposition field planned to design an unit 2010.

The major program that my courtyard is undertaking designs a project to have: Square of the Potala Palace of design of program of location of Shanghai world exposition field, Tibet rebuilt 2010 Heng Shan road of overall planning of town of city of program, Yantai, Shanghai - revive area of scene of road history culture protects program, Suzhou Gu Cheng travels Sanket of development program, Russia is Baltic bright phearl project plans to design etc.

My courtyard is in the city such as Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Chengdu has accredited project to serve an orgnaization.
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