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Shanghai builds scientific academy limited company
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Shanghai builds scientific academy limited company

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Shanghai builds scientific academy limited company is the science and technology in urban construction management and operation service industry enterprise.

Found 1958, it is the unit of development of scientific research of local building complex with domestic bigger dimensions, register fund 100 million yuan of RMBs. Set 4 careers ministry and 5 professional subsidiary. Existing employee 730 more than person, tall intermediate brainpower is occupied 55% .

Complete courtyard collect housing materials, structure, mechanical, prestressing force, building technology of intelligence of environment of energy-saving, building, building at a suit, scientific research of be in harmony, detect, evaluate, seek advice, ability of construction of engineering of manage of design, inspect, special type is an organic whole, formed “ the technical characteristic of ” of integrated, novel, special type and “ innovate with science and technology, the technology is banner the fundamental development mode that promotes complete courtyard economy to develop ” , it is Shanghai company of new and high technology, passed ISO9001 quality to manage systematic attestation and national laboratory to approbate.
Technology of innovation of science and technology of —— of quality guiding principle precedes customer satisfaction is improved continuously

Intensive of strategy of innovation of science and technology of development strategy —— develops the strategy to propose division brand strategy

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