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Beijing recalls article of brilliant 晢 graph to design limited company
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Beijing recalls article of brilliant 晢 graph to design limited company

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Our company: Beijing recalls article of brilliant 晢 graph to design limited company only then achieve in July 2001, basically behave with gardens landscape (effect graph is made) give priority to course of study, interior design and sortie structure expression, expression, computer is three-dimensional at the same time animation is made wait for relevant domain. The company is in with outstanding work and good service 3 years short inside already designed an unit to wait with company of engineering of numerous gardens designing institute, afforest, building built good cooperation to concern, got they are approbated generally with accredit. The company's ceaseless also development expands, its comprehensive strength already had force quite inside course of study.

Our personnel: “ knows person be apt to to use, the person uses up his ability ” , the company provides platform for employee, each employee has unique technical ability, take charge of a department alone. They are professional schools (gardens, building, art) the top-ranking elite of graduation, have rich design to make experience and good professional accomplishment, providing satisfactory work for you while, pay attention to all-around excellent service more. The travel of a thousand li, only then at you, be certain we can be done more outstandingly!

Our service: Behave distinctive, do one's best perfect, it is the management concept of my company; “ provides excellent service for the client, be a society to create beautiful environment ” is the belief of my company; Abide by “ to respect a person, understand the purpose of person ” , trust and expect what quick service wins you in order to go to the lavatory, the your satisfactory smile, success that you run is best to us affirmation.

Company phone: 010-62652691/62652591/82629348
Customer service hot line: 13511012321
Complain a hot line: 13910291894

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