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U.S. Coogan Architects lectures seminars in Tianjin
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December 8, a theme of "Tianjin has for the development of renewable green design strategy" design lectures will be held in Tianjin to discuss the meeting by the U.S. Embassy Commercial Service, Tianjin Trade Promotion, the United States Coogan Building Design Services The jointly. At the meeting, U.S. Embassy Commercial Service Business Officials Elizabeth Shieh, Tianjin Dongli Bin, vice president of the CCPIT and the United States Coogan & Associates Ltd. Partner, Brian George delivered speeches respectively. Senior practitioners from the United States planner, planners and architects are shown with green building features of its design work and made a wonderful speech. The activities to building design, urban planning, urban construction for the content, dedicated to the promotion of renewable (progress-ability) design concept of green building and design practices will be subject to discussion participants unanimously welcomed the guests. U.S. Coogan Architects was established in 1938 and headquartered in Dallas, and in New York, Miami, Phoenix, Abu Dhabi, Houston, Beijing and Hong Kong and branches. Design work on five continents around the world, the United States, one of the top ten architectural design. Coogan exquisite design and attentive service has earned over 50 years of loyal customers. U.S. Coogan Beijing Branch was established in 2006, undertaken and completed in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Hunan Province, Qingdao, Hainan, and other large-scale design of many projects, including the headquarters under construction in Beijing Fengtai base, Haikou ho Johnson Hotel, won the praise of the industry and customer recognition. Coogan customers include the U.S. Citibank, IBM, Scott, Nokia, Dell, Nike, American Airlines, Mobil Oil, the capital of Dubai Property Group, Marriott Group. In the future, libraries will continue to root for the Chinese customers with high quality and innovative design, green building in China, contribute to the healthy development of the wisdom and strength.
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