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The Central Bank inside year add the 6th times breath: Interest rate of accumula
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The Central Bank inside year add the 6th times breath: Interest rate of accumulation fund loan keeps changeless

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Last night (on December 20) , the Central Bank inside year go up the 6th times tone puts loan standard interest rate. With what differ before be, policy that come on stage reduce current saving interest rate first, 5 years at the same time the loan interest rate of above and accumulation fund interest rate keep changeless, it is “ 5 years only inside short term loan is standard interest rate by 7.65% before, adjust for 7.74%” .

Loose analysis of Yo of gold of vise general manager of catenary home real estate thinks, 5 years period interest rate of the loan interest rate of above, accumulation fund loan keeps changeless, also add it is thus clear that ceasing is not to be aimed at estate market, want steam again fund however, reduce liquidity superfluous the action that stabilizes asset value and house property value with rising, at the same time the pressure of slow down inflation; In addition, the interest rate that individual housing accumulation fund borrows money keeps changeless, reflect to living oneself the policy sex of consumer gives aid to, because this Bencijia ceases,can saying is “ is added cease not to add burden ” , and the consumer that is to let still be in intent to buy room level only by the impact is the biggest deepened psychological caution.

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