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Design and application of intertwined modern architecture design with stone h
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October 21, "modern architecture design with stone" theme of the Forum Conference Center in Beijing held a grand country. As China and the Architectural Society of China Building Materials Federation, the National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center co-sponsored the 2010 China Forum on important buildings, "modern architecture design with stone" theme of the Forum invited the Shanghai World Expo Center in overall responsibility, East China Deputy Chief Architect Fu Haicong Architectural Design Institute, China Stone Stone Association Professional Committee Wang Bingzhong of nursing, assistant president of Global Stone Group nest keep the United States, Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd. A superb architect, Building Material Co., Guangdong, Guangdong Lin Zhiwei, general manager and other industry experts and business representatives on the stone in modern building design and application of other aspects of a wonderful speech. Forum at the beginning, the Shanghai World Expo Center in overall responsibility, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute of Architects Fuhai Cong first vice president delivered a speech entitled "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum decorated seasons - Expo Center's architectural style and stone art" theme speech. In his speech, he "interpretation of the beauty of nature in harmony," "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum decorated seasons," "walk in the forefront of the green carbon" describes the three aspects introduced the Expo Center's core function, architectural style and green Architectural highlights and elaborate stone facade of the Expo Centre, selection and combination of glass curtain wall, interior design and selection of subject Merlin Stone, bamboo and chrysanthemum green building topics such as design art philosophy. Stone China Stone Association, director of nursing professional committees Wang Bingzhong subsequent application of nursing knowledge to the stone made a keynote report. Wang Bingzhong stone applications for the status and use of care problems exposed to stone disease management, protection, surface treatment, maintenance and other aspects of the use made of stone care of the three principle that "prevention is better than cure," "a reasonable choice (Protectant) "," scientific applications. "
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