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Xiamen residential quietly "face" more than a marketing gimmick Architectural D
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Through flower railings, decorative plaster molding window, once, the popular European style of doing all the city's complicated; large dark-colored facade, only in the small office crafted, and soon, emphasizing the history of the sudden emergence of a sense of simple European style; personally to create the world's top designers, to overturn the traditional concept of the regional benchmark, the future, the pinnacle of neo-classical, ultra-modern style luxury concept version just around the corner - has long been the evolution of a particular architectural style in the context of property market in Xiamen plain Poxian , is quietly ushered in a visual and spiritual journey of double shock. And other cities, like, 10 years ago, the face of any residential community building in Xiamen, for a summary of them out of architectural style, it is difficult. Not only by the level of architectural design was limited overall, but also due to sell the house market environment, developers Zhigu research units and floor area ratio, home buyers are concerned about too late to stay with what style of buildings, which belong genre. 10 years later, changed upside down. Caring people will find that this year, many real estate invariably the architectural design as a selling point to attract buyers to the eye - special featuring world-renowned institutions in the clubhouse design Chun-day peak, known as post-modern techniques used to build the sales offices of Yongnian day villa, is intended to establish a new benchmark for the Vanke classical architecture lake island, the Royal Court style integration of the four countries of the Shimao Lakeside landscape capital, so on. Just as the industry claims, is a popular architectural style, along with the social and economic development and change. Is not that kind of current popular style of property, but as buyers and sellers of the property market of the main concerns of the architectural design itself, represents an evolution of attitudes, indicating that the quality of the property market era. Plain: the property market started on a small plate and more personalized The late 90s of last century to the early 21st century, at the initial stage of Xiamen, real estate, the overall design level is not high, few people concerned about the appearance of real estate, not to mention the so-called architecture. Whether developers or home buyers, more concerned about the real estate units - still stuck in thinking about how to steal the floor area ratio, increasing the space stage. "Early 期房 sales, and not well on the overall real estate planning, not to mention product development, which is the lack of developers planning concepts are not unrelated." Xiamen Rio Rui Yimin, general manager of construction services, architects Wong said the public 10 years ago to buy real estate projects, often you can see a single set of units, no way to know the layout of the entire real estate - As everyone knows, the overall layout of the residential real estate will also bring great comfort effect. Developers lack of knowledge of architectural design is reflected in the form of housing construction, and it spawned a lot of the "combination of simple geometric shapes, in line with the principles of practical economic and beautiful, simple international-style box." These buildings generally single style, no personality, lack of architectural detail, so when elegant, composition rigorous, highly decorated, luxurious elegance of European architecture style in the whole country set off a "Euro Cyclone", the Xiamen is no exception - -21 century later, European, North America and other architectural styles were introduced and widely used in commercial residential facade design, facade can see a lot of complicated European lines. Of course, in addition to "European style", this period was also co-exist with them and the new modern minimalist style, Chinese style - the former, such as Yili Music Garden, which, as Tang family, showing a wide range of trends. Evolution: A simple European wind of blowing everywhere, "neo-classical" Simply a pillar of Western classical architecture, Shanhua, Romanesque dome dome, Gothic or Renaissance floral tip vouchers, line the foot, such as modeling elements, piled directly applied to the facade design, do not care to become a Disk Western architectural symbols of the "hodgepodge." People in the industry, "European style" so reviewed. Soon, as people aesthetic changes, the European neo-classical style that is simply replaced by "European style" became popular, and became the most important contemporary architectural style of the property market. Simple European style, the heavy sense of classical succession, appropriate simplified decorative features, bold lines and a more concise, focused on the performance of a sense of history and cultural feeling of depth, the dominant architectural style rather than piecing together a clear sense of the full. In Xiamen, the earlier the introduction of simple European-style residential projects are located in the International Sports Road and located in the Haicang Island Resort Island Resort and so on. High-end properties for sale on this popular style is a plus - 2007 high-profile market in Xiamen, "the first luxury" cloud supreme, facade used in all Brazilian imports of yellow butterfly granite stone, the overall style is a manifestation of neo-classical . Today, walking the streets in Xiamen, just a little attention, will be able to find many real estate shines the public, such as Rui Jinggong Park, leading the city show, the Aegean Sea, Hexiang Zunfu, also with a simple European style multi- - facades darker, more brown to yellowish brown and the main; using three-stage structure to the vertical line running through the whole building, the lower use of heavy stone or antique puzzle draw the line, the middle with ancient Greece, ancient Rome's five-column, and some are still down the street or the corner of the roof dome roof area plus attic booths. Shock: impact of teacher to create a new concept of pro- Tall and straight, stable, viable, this is a new product development director Zhuang Youxiang Kinson body of simple European-style review. However, he also pointed out that, due to extensive use of simple European style country will inevitably be suspected of copying one another, such style homes began to have fits the trend. Fortunately, in the presence of foreign brands under the impact of predators in recent years began to appear more unique style of Xiamen, the quality of the broader market, more and more attention to the Xiamen local developers building design, home buyers continue to surprise. Inventory in the sale of real estate, most buyers expect the project comes as China Vanke lake island. Allegedly, the project to neo-classical building rules carefully planned, but many local community into the local culture elements - as a castle moat and the walls of the community, the lake town of the island will create a European context and the heavy a sense of history and culture; in every detail of interior design, fully consider the unique style of a century of Gulangyu and culture, as Gulangyu intent to create a diverse and layered as the complexity of buildings. Many read the programming model Vanke lake island of Xiamen people will feel shock: This is not seen their new building, but includes the familiar old memories. Needless to say, success will introduce the context Gulangyu century building luxury residential project, due to Vanke projects on the lake island focus and not hesitate to spend lots of money - the project after several rounds of planning and design, architectural design, landscape design, global design tender , during which more than 10 first-line design from around the world participated in the bidding company, the final selection of former U.S. President George W. Bush Presidential Library Queen's designer Mr.stern, he was Dean of Yale School of Architecture, the new international building industry pioneer of classical style, design fees alone, and to spend huge amounts of money Vanke 100 million. The good news is, despite the absence of generous Vanke lake island, many local developers have quietly Xiamen turn our attention to the innovative style of architectural design, in order to bring buyers to the double shock of visual and spiritual - as a scarce luxury project, ITC Golden Gate Bay to the unique flavor of pure Spanish villa and the view of the sea island of U.S. House to introduce Dadeng Island, located in Wuyuan Bay International Trade Days Bay George facade design draws on architectural style, the facade of the three classic sections, has a simple shape, symmetrical layout, exquisite carving, stone or allegedly using specialized shipped from Xinjiang, "Karameh gold"; known as both the order and balance, elegant aesthetic building Yongnian days Italian villa built detached homes in the "air Villa", start early in the project brought in architects and home buyers face to face cross-strait talk about architectural aesthetics to the public eye-opener; invited world-renowned design agency - Ge Qiaozhi club design featuring full Chun-day in the peak, also claimed that the quality will be a unique architectural style of the benchmark set to challenge Luban. According to another source said, Wuyuan Bay is located in a brand new project, plans to launch ultra-modern style, concept version of pure luxury, is currently in the confidential pre-planning and design phase - four walls are glass, roof water into a waterfall, think of all the elements you want, are likely to occur.
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