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Feng Shui Design Dialogue: Liu Xiaochuan interpretation of Feng Shui and arch
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Chinese feng shui is a discipline? Feng Shui the extent of impact on the building? Chinese feng shui can be applied to modern building design? Feng shui architect should be how to treat? Architects how to determine the reasonableness of the planning Feng Shui? At 14:00 on November 13th, easy to Feng Shui Home Real Estate Institute Principal Lecturer Liu Xiaochuan of China at the invitation should be Archina building, guest Shanghai International Cultural Communication Center Building ACMC, as the designer to answer all the doubts. Surprised the audience that Liu Xiaochuan said China, feng shui, not trick, but from one real case to interpret the Chinese traditional culture, "Five Elements", "Book of Changes" on the building design. "Chinese Feng Shui is a comprehensive study of the ecological environment, set astronomy, calendar, geography, architecture, landscape, culture the culmination of five thousand years of Chinese culture as the essence of the so-called Feng Shui there is a certain truth of the experience." In China, Feng Shui is a traditional folk beliefs, this concept is both complex rich and long history, can be described as popular, many designers have encountered in the work architecture feng shui problems. "For various historical reasons, the tree of modern Chinese Feng Shui The category, do not form a more unified theory, in Taiwan, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong have their own schools of feng shui," Liu Xiaochuan said in a speech: "Architects do not need to be proficient in practice Feng Shui, the martial art must comply with the five elements of feng shui of the reason, the architect can roughly determine the building to the reasonableness of feng shui. " In the course of the dialogue one of the guests, the U.S. executive director of GN architectural design of public Shen Li River that feng shui is a building environmental psychology, from the psychological level, if the rear seats empty, back exposed, vulnerable to threats, giving bring insecurity. This view was Liu Xiaochuan and audience recognition. The audience is to ask how to assess the ACMC Liu Xiaochuan location - sea feng shui Shanghai Commercial Plaza building, causing the audience's attention. "Because of the time compact, detailed inspections of the sea I did not had time to Shanghai, but according to the way I see, the builders of the sea Shanghai Feng Shui is also considered as issues such as setting the mesh material at the entrance, to some extent from the evil role." Liu Xiaochuan stressed: Feng Shui from the tradition of helping the country and people, and eventually become part of the human murder trick, this trend is not good, feng shui should be positive to promote the development of modern architecture, construction and better human living environment. Interactive sessions at the salon, he made the concerns of the audience patiently detailed answer, someone asked if I could provide more living knowledge of feng shui to transform a small fortune. Liu Xiaochuan think that there is no universal method for character-specific birth, his home furnishings in ten years great changes in life are mostly small objects, such as by changing the unicorn, toad, etc. The location and orientation, to adjust the domestic gas market . In the event, Liu Xiaochuan also very pleased to accept the well-known architectural photographer's personal gift Shen Zhong Hai World Expo series - "shadow Expo." After the interactive sessions, Chief Executive Officer of China building in Archina, ACMC Committee Renwu Lei's summing up, the "dialogue design feng shui," the successful conclusion of the dialogue Sharon. The audience took pictures with the guests and said that if there is class of this event, we must continue to participate.
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