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China International Forum on Design Education Interior Architecture Master gathe
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Asia-Pacific Space Designers (2010 * Beijing) International Forum, one of the six sub-forum of China International interior architecture design education forum has closed. Forum hosted by the Pan Zhao Nan, Tsinghua speakers were Dean of Shu Zheng Yang, Guangdong Province, vice president of construction and decoration industries, Lushan Arts Training Camp founder of Jing Yu Gan, Higher Institute in Florence, Italy (ISIA), Professor of Industrial Design Gian Franco • Gaspar • Rini, Wang Tie, vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Architecture, University of Nagoya, Japan Matsumoto straight Division, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Associate Dean of Architecture, Shao Jian Zhang, associate professor of Tsinghua University and Sookmyung Women March Professor Xu Xiuqing University Academy of Fine Arts. China's current professional art and design colleges and universities set up has more than 1,400, the number of graduates each year about 10 million, art design has now become the computer and English the third largest after China's Universities and Colleges Professional schools, and in the design to environmental design and interior design as the leading professional accounted for a considerable proportion. Faced with such a large contingent of the rapid pace of development and design talent, the next step of design education in China's development will go where any From? China's interior construction industry professionals need to what? How to carry out the various institutions are consistent with their own unique design teaching? For the interior design profession, computers and hand-painted is more important? In the above problems , The interior design education experts and scholars in the interior architecture design education forum for the discussion, each on a field of a keynote speech. On behalf of the design, reliance on computer graphics software to the current design education is a major problem, reflect on contemporary art and design education in the curriculum constantly emphasizes computer-aided design, design talent ability is at hand Gradually weakening, interior design students start thinking about the education sector development and thinking the relationship between human design. For building decoration industry, the industry requires a lot of hand-painted people, the development needs of China's design hand Painted reserve forces. Building Decoration Association Guangdong Provincial Vice-President, Peking University researchers, the national senior architect, Lushan Arts Training Camp, the ten buildings, Jing Yu Gan, founder of Star Arts Group (I work) to this end a "hand-painted Wild art and design, "the keynote speech. Jing Yu Gan (I work) that students can design sector in China proper study of philosophy, "wild" is a naturalized, philosophizing of creativity. In the architectural design and interior design Meter, such as design work, designers often need to on the basis of rational and emotional, from a philosophical point of view the idea. "Students can paint and painted the wild"; "In my own training and education team which has been Keep students thinking wild, wild instinct of thinking that is a necessity ", Jing Yu Gan (I work) in the speech suggested that the Chinese design philosophy of education can join the course, students from the" wild "- Naturalization , Philosophizing open the design of creative thinking. In the designer's skills development, philosophizing of the creative and design education in China's development promotion, Lushan Arts Training Camp made an outstanding contribution. The training camp, a large number of architects and interior designers, filled Complement the domestic architecture and interior design industries best designers empty hand, the training capacity of the designer excellent performance of fast hand-painted. Founder of Jing Yu Gan (I work) to lead the training of designers, to Wenchuan disaster area , Yushu line, a volunteer for three years, donated to the disaster areas affected by housing and construction on the line for repair and protection, while calling their enterprises and individuals in the local school children donated a number of schools to help a large number of out of school Children return to school. Lushan Arts Training Camp in view of architectural design education in China's contribution, China Building Decoration Association awarded its "China's practice of architectural design education center" title. It is reported that the Asia-Pacific Space Designers (2010 * Beijing) International Forum - interior design education in sub-forum organized by the China Building Decoration Association, Lushan Arts Training Camp in collaboration with Italian design through the Asia-Pacific Space Teacher (2010 * Beijing) International Forum - interior design education sub-forum for Chinese interior design education and communication platform for the bridge, so as to promote education in the Chinese interior design, enhancing Architectural level of the training industry for the progress of China's interior to the construction industry.
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