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Luxuriant name city builds energy-saving job to obtain initial effect to continu
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Luxuriant name city builds energy-saving job to obtain initial effect to continue to popularize bulk cement

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: In recent years, luxuriant name city is guidance with scientific progress view, carry out actively fulfil country and province to be built about accelerating managing model the society, demand that expands circular economy, the building energy-saving job is caught as a main job, effectively drove those who build energy-saving job to begin, obtained initial effect.

Since last year, luxuriant name city catchs what good country and province build energy-saving design standard and measure to carry out seriously fulfil, early or late transmit construction ministry releases " Xiaredong warms the area lives build energy-saving design standard " and " public construction is energy-saving design a standard " and province construction hall releases " < Xiaredong warms the area lives the building is energy-saving design standard > Guangdong is saved, held conduct propaganda to carry out congress and building for many times energy-saving groom class, to build energy-saving job begin smoothly created good condition. Meanwhile, popularize application energetically material of new-style wall body and ready mixed concrete. According to statistic, whole town is existing register in book lawful new-style wall capable person produces a business in all 10, came 2004 2007 first half of the year, accumulative total of material of body of new-style wall of luxuriant name city makes dosage amounts to brick of ninety-five million one hundred and eighty-five thousand mark, managing land 157.1 mus, managing the sources of energy coal of 5901.5 tons of mark, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge 147.5 tons, brought enormous economic benefits and environmental protection benefit to the society; The field uses in ready mixed concrete, used ready mixed concrete 2006 152 thousand stere, was sixty-four thousand six hundred stere first half of the year 2007, effective ground is managing resource, reduced noise, purified an environment, accelerated construction plan, rose to build the construction quality of the project. In addition, continue to catch good promotion to use bulk cement job, make come loose for coming loose to measure and be used the quantity obtained new breakthrough. According to statistic, for coming loose the quantity is 130 thousand tons first half of the year this year, with medicinal powder the quantity is 126 thousand tons, maintained stable development momentum continuously, begin for what whole town builds energy-saving job made new contribution

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