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Wen Ling is active and effective strengthen safe production of building material
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Wen Ling is active and effective strengthen safe production of building materials company to manage

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: One, leader of each concerned company officer is carried out seriously fulfil the near future the spirit of important written instructions about safe production and province build comrade of the leader central the deploy that safe production of hall, municipal Party committee, municipal government works, cogent strengthen constituent leader, perfect production safety runs a system, fulfil system of safety production strictly, grow the characteristic that false safe production works in the light of the festival, lead of base oneself upon is on guard, search the flaw of existence and weak point seriously, do deploy of job of good safe production ahead of schedule.

2, each enterprise combines situation of this unit safe production and secure job actual state, the safe production before beginning a red-letter day is checked oneself. The construction that should enhance system of system of safety production and fulfil a circumstance, and examination of in finished state of responsibility of safe production target; 2 should strengthen an enterprise to produce safe inspection, the key strengthens pair of enterprises to wait for the examination of link of safe production key, go on a tour of inspection with report, fire prevention, mechanical operation; 3 it is to strengthen an examination to rectify and reform fulfil, of hidden trouble of safe to checking go on a tour of inspection to discover existence accident, should supervise and urge concerned branch is rectified and reform in time.

3, the construction that enhances safe liability system, install safe superintendency orgnaization and staff, make grave accident meet an urgent need beforehand case, in order to prevent the happening of manufacturing safety accident

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