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NEA is noted endowment green bldg.
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NEA is noted endowment green bldg.

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: The 2nd round of investment that American green built technical company Serious Materials to acquired the 50 million dollar that offers by NEA, Foundation Capital and Rustic Canyon in November. These investment will be used at building new manufacturing plant, and can roll out environmental protection dry wall and high heat insolation window in next year two new products.

The copartner Forest Baskett of NEA expresses: Who improves “ successfully and design the production of those the most harmful to the environment products and its circuit, who is met dominant the next time industrial revolution. ” dry wall is the adornment material on wall and ceiling, apply extensively at building an industry. Kevin Surace of Serious Materials presiding apparitor expresses, photograph of window of double standard of the heat insulation of Therma Proof height that this company produces window and standard rose than heat proof quality 300% . This can decrease on average for a family of 30% warm oneself charge.
Surace expresses, serious Materials is final may the dry wall market in the green building of 10%-20% of occupational United States. This company hopes with those his building accords with attestation of ” of diffraction of “ feebleminded electron (the grade system that board of American green building made 2000) owner is a target.

The tide that turns ” as “ green spreads ceaselessly, besides mixture motivation car, the United States is the oldest also spending ” change to “ green ceaselessly with the most conservative bldg. . New building owner people more and more requirement architect design goes out to be used more effectively to water, report, material and destroy fewer building to the environment. According to the estimation of McGraw-Hill Construction, market of American green architectural is expected to break through the 10 billion dollar 2005, reach 20 billion dollar.

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